Top 10 Reasons to Upgrade Your Exhaust System

The exhaust note is such an important factor in the overall driving experience.  If you have had the chance to drive cars that have a certain tone or pitch to the sound that sends shivers up your spine, then you know the feeling already.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you haven’t lived a day in your life.

Upgrading your exhaust improves the driving experience

It’s the deep throaty rumble of a BMW E39 M5 V8 engine with free flowing equal length headers, a Porsche GT3 RS pushed on the track at full song down the straight, or a modified Audi TT 2.0L turbo with resonator delete as it pops and sends music through the cabin whilst the faint sound of turbo spool builds in your ears.  You don’t have to drive a Porsche Carrera GT in order to enjoy a distinct and enjoyable sound, just make sure you don’t follow one down the highway.  You’ll never be the same. If you are thinking of a performance upgrade to improve sound, you do need to take some things into consideration.  Here are our Top Ten Reasons to invest in an upgraded exhaust system….

  1. The acoustics. Fun factor and sheer enjoyment of your vehicle is the number one reason.
  2. You like to smile. As you shift through gears and head toward redline, you cannot help but to smile and love the sound.
  3. Improved appearance. There is nothing like the look of nice clean exhaust finishers to compliment a very clean example of your chosen vehicle.
  4. Your neighbor is a jerk, and you want to level the playing field with him.
  5. Increased power and performance. More Flow = More Power.
  6. Increased efficiency. A well-designed system will provide improved volumetric efficiency and allow the engine to ‘breathe’ better.
  7. Improved Fuel Economy. The increased torque also provides better fuel economy–it takes less throttle to maintain any given speed, which also means that less fuel is burned. It is not uncommon to receive about a 5% improvement in fuel economy.  Which is also dependent upon the weight of your right foot.
  8. Weight savings. The factory muffler, resonators and pipes are typically quite heavy.  Aftermarket performance exhaust systems offer significant weight savings.
  9. Your other neighbor is annoying, and you would rather hear your car than listen to her talk.
  10. Longer lifespan. Good quality aftermarket exhaust systems will outlast a factory equivalent.

Not all exhausts are created equal

There is a very big difference in quality.  Armytrix, Europipe, Akrapovic, Cobb, and Tubi are some of the best we have had the privilege to install over the years.  There are other brands that spend big money on marketing and sacrifice the quality of their product where fit and finish is not up to the standard required for many European vehicles including the following marques: Aston Martin, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Bentley and Jaguar. You get what you pay for.  Our experience over the years is that customers who opt for cheap parts end up paying additional labour with mixed results.  In order to get components nicely fitted and adjusted you are better off investing in top quality exhaust systems with a professional

Let us help you find the perfect exhaust system

We are fanatics about fit and finish, the finishers at the outlet of the exhaust need to be just right.  Equal spacing around the outlets at the rear bumper, and properly mounted and routed piping throughout the underbody to prevent any rubbing, vibrations or rattles.  The systems that are at the lower entry level of the market, we have also found that the metal on those systems has the tendency to expand and contract so much that the exhaust system fitment changes and starts to cause some of the noted issues even after spending hours on the initial install to get it just right.

The bottom line is, do you homework.  There are great systems out there that can add a ton of value and enjoyment for the driver and yes, they will cost you more than you want to spend.  Think of it as that piece of furniture, kitchen appliance, or the last good bottle of wine you have had.  Don’t be cheap, spend the money on the best quality product and make sure the exhaust brand is the well suited to your make and model of vehicle.

At Motor Werke we love to talk exhaust and any other upgrades you have been considering.   Call us with any questions you may have, schedule an appointment, or stop in to talk upgrades on any vehicle.  We are here when you need us.