Mercedes-Benz Service and Repair
S-Class, SL, SLK, AMG GT

Owning a Mercedes-Benz, you’re meticulous and appreciate the tradition of excellence. But, does a Mercedes-Benz provide a longer life? We think so! Hear us out. These vehicles are a work of art in the engineering department. Whether you’re stuck in loud traffic or cruising the winding Okanagan roads, you are well insulated from the outside world and its noise; completely surrounded by a whole other level of comfort and serenity. You physically feel the lowering of both stress and blood pressure.  Yes, even sitting on the bridge from West Kelowna is a calming experience. This can only add years to your life.

Mercedes-Benz in Kelowna are on the rise and we have the factory diagnostic equipment, experience and OEM parts to care for your vehicle the way it should be, conducting all maintenance procedures in precise accordance to Mercedes-Benz standards.

You are the owner of German luxury with a long history of style and sophistication. It’s no wonder you want the best in Mercedes-Benz service and repair.

Mercedes-Benz Computer Scheduled Maintenance

An onboard dashboard computer alerts you when your next service is due. There are two basic types of maintenance intervals which alternate but get a new name each time, which can make the service tracking tricky. Models 2003 or later changed their interval reminder names from alphabetic to numeric. For example, older models will say “Service D” and newer will say “Service 2.”

If you’re wondering when and what should be serviced on your Benz, here is a high-level list of service intervals. As a rule of thumb, service should be done every 16,000 kilometers or yearly. The next comes at 48,000 kilometers, and the final one is done at 96,000 kilometers. Here are a few of the specifics for each service type:

  • Replace dust filter
  • Replace combination filter (activated charcoal particle filter)
  • Replace air-filter (AMG vehicles only)
  • Propeller shaft: check flexible couplings for damage and deformation
  • Power steering: check oil level, correct if necessary (where applicable) 5, 12, 13
  • Active Body Control: check fluid level (where applicable)
  • Check starter using diagnosis tester
  • Rear axle: oil change
  • Replace brake fluid (every 2 years)
  • Replace coolant for main circuit (every 3 years)
  • Replace fuel filter on diesel engines (every 4 years)
  • Replace spark plugs (every 4 years)

Just like you, we’re meticulous too! Sticking to the factory-recommended Mercedes maintenance schedule will help prevent problems and allow for the early detection of any emerging issues.

Upgrades worth considering.

You can gain up to 5 to 20 horsepower by upgrading your exhaust. Boosting your braking power is also recommended. Ensure your software is up to date.

Thank you for trusting us at Motor Werke with your Mercedes-Benz service and repair. Our goal is to ensure that your car performs effortlessly so driving your Benz is always a five star experience. Contact us today!