Big Mini Crankcase Issue Causes Rough Run

The Mini Countryman has two significant jobs:

  1. To play with the big boys and act like a crossover.
  2. To be a Mini.

You see, for those drivers who have owned a Mini (an original, with the three-door hatch), they will always be die-hard fans of the pint-sized car. However, life happens, and sometimes you need to trade up for the extra room.

With its ruggedness for any terrain, road-hugging capabilities, and pure driving fun, a BIG Mini accommodates any adventure. Stories that start great conversations, start with a trip in a Mini Countryman.

To ensure your road trip stories continue on the right path, visit Motor Werke if you encounter something similar to this customer…

The problem? The vehicle was running rough.

As this can be caused by a number of issues, the Motor Werke team did what they do best and started exploring. They found that the crankcase vent valve was torn.

This caused pressure issues within the crankcase. The poor air/fuel mixture caused the Check Engine Light to activate, lowering the fuel economy and resulting in the driver’s rough running engine. By calling us quickly after noticing the problem, this Mini owner avoided a more extreme and expensive problem – sometimes a torn vent valve can cause oil consumption, which leads to the vehicle blowing smoke.

Motor Werke’s European auto experts corrected the problem by removing and replacing the crankcase vent valve. This was a reasonably easy fix for our experienced crew, quickly returning our customer to the road, creating more travel memories in their awesome Mini Countryman.

If your Mini Cooper Countryman S All4 is runnning rough, don’t wait. Contact us at Motor Werke, your European car experts located right here in Kelowna. We’ll get your Mini, big or small, back on its way to adventure.