An Epic Restoration for an Iconic Land Rover: Part 2

The Land Rover brand has a remarkably storied past and historic run ever since they hit the North American showrooms in 1961. It has gone from a beast of a utility and war vehicle to now one of the most sought after collector items by car enthusiasts. So, when our customer needed some TLC done to his beloved 1971 Land Rover 110 Station Wagon, our team at Motor Werke was lucky enough to get the call.

Time Ticking For Noisy Audi Engine

The Kelowna lifestyle demands trips to the beach and mountains. Sometimes on the same day. Always with as many companions as we can fit in the car. With an Audi like this, that’s easy to do. However, this 2006 Audi A4 Quattro Avant’s adventures came to a halt because of a strange noise coming from the engine bay. After a thorough inspection, Motor Werke’s European auto experts found the culprit.

Mini Countryman, Big Oil Leak

Although very rare, yet possible, this 2011 MINI Countryman S came to us with an excessive oil leak which originated in the exhaust manifold. Motor Werke’s European auto experts dove deeper by pulling apart the exhaust manifold to find oil leaking from cylinder 4’s valve stem seal.