Change Up Oil or Swap Out Engine

Car manufacturers are now lengthening their oil change intervals anyway. If the recommendation is 8,000 kilometres, a few extra trips can’t do that much damage. Can it? 

It can. 

Ask the owner of this 2015 BMW X5 that recently required an engine replacement. An ounce of prevention – or six to eight quarts of new oil – is worth 400 pounds of cure. 

Oil Supplements To Fuel Your European Car

People take supplements to get enough essential nutrients to maintain or improve their health. Some of you may take more supplements than others based on the lifestyle you lead. Just like building muscle at the gym, your car could use some help in reaching its full power. 

Oh, Rats! Damage Caused by Unwanted Winter Guests

Weakened batteries, metal corrosion, frozen fuel lines, and other winter hazards for your car can be frustrating. But did you know that mice and other rodents cause the most damage to vehicles over the winter? Their tooth enamel is hard enough to chew through almost anything, and your car may be the perfect spot for them to find nesting materials or hunker down for the winter. It’s more common than you think!

Battery Load Testing Benefits for Winters in Kelowna

If you call BCAA this winter, the chances are good that the topic of discussion will be a dead battery. The company claims that the calls they receive most are due to cold conditions causing a weakened battery to completely fail.  Many of these calls to get a boost, or tow, could be avoided by load testing your car’s battery before winter.