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Environmental Responsibility

It’s a dirty job, but we’re doing it cleaner.

On a day-to-day basis the average service shop uses organic solvents for degreasing and cleaning operations; oil based fluids that may contain a series of toxic heavy metals, and other toxic fluids such as antifreeze and refrigerants. Replacing auto parts, cleaning and dismantling engine and other components, and regular fluid changes can potentially introduce contaminants to the environment through accidental spills or leaks.

Creating a safer, healthier work environment.

From the beginning, we’ve concentrated on minimizing our environmental impact. Our team appreciates the fact that we are environmentally responsible; this allows our technicians to drastically reduce chemical usage, which makes for a much safer and healthier work environment. We’re committed to using only environmentally safe products. We also work closely with our partners in order to recycle oils, lubricants, antifreeze and other harmful chemicals used in our facility.

We use EcoLogo certified biodegradable cleaners on everything.

Our facility uses biodegradable cleaners and EcoLogo Certified cleaning products (for the automotive industry). Automotive parts are cleaned using Cintas’ SafeWasher™, a parts cleaning system that uses bioremediation to reduce or eliminate aerosol cleaners. Bioremediation works by breaking down harmful or hazardous material with the use of bacteria or fungi. The microorganisms eat the harmful substances and break them down to more friendly substances such as water.

We recycle all fluids.

Green for Life™ collects all of our hazardous fluids, used oil and fuel filters, and recycles containers that once contained toxic liquids. Most plastic containers that have stored liquids such as synthetic engine oil, hydraulic fluid, transmission fluid or steering fluid can’t be recycled through the city’s collection. GFL Liquid Waste Division supplies us with a tote for the accumulation of any plastic containers that once stored toxic products, then picks them up. While waiting for pickup, collected fluids are stored off the ground in elevated containers and have backup systems so they can’t leak out.

Including coolant.

Coolant recycling is an example of taking our commitment to environment responsibility one step further. As antifreeze goes through an engine, it picks up heavy metals, such as lead, cadmium and chromium. This mixture of antifreeze and heavy metals is extremely toxic. So we pay to recycle it because our team believes it’s the only way to guarantee minimal impact on our lakes, rivers and the water we drink!

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