Braeden Stacey

Chief Technical Officer & Managing Director

Favourite Car

The BMW E30 chassis cars

Timeless in design and a blast to drive!

Born and raised in Kelowna, Braeden joined the Motor Werke team in May 2017. He came to us after five years of working on BMWs; hanging up his wrenches for an opportunity to learn more about the business side of the shop. So far, his favourite thing about working here is the diversity of vehicle brands, the team attitude and showing off his excitement for Formula 1. His passion for the sport (and to do things differently) has influenced a lot of areas within the shop including our team members’ job titles.

Braeden rarely finds a reason to leave BC when so much of what he loves — the back country, camping, fishing, hiking, and ATV’ing – can be found right here at home. Back at work, he brings attention, clarity and transparency to the job every day.