Chris Germana

Founder & Team Principal

Favourite Car/s

BMW E30 325is
Volkswagen Golf R32
Porsche 997 GT3
….too hard to choose one

From a young age, Chris was obsessed with cars. But not just any cars. He was fascinated by anything engineered in Germany.  At age 20, still fuelled by this obsession (he prefers the word passion), he moved to Phoenix, Arizona to study at The Universal Technical Institute (UTI), the automotive industry’s training facility of choice in North America.

After graduation, Chris was accepted into BMW’s specialized factory training program and shortly after was working at the largest BMW dealership in North America. With 58 service bays and some of the finest technicians in the country, Chris learned the intricacies of not only BMW, but many other European vehicles. Later, he moved back to Toronto and worked for BMW Canada.

After marrying and starting his family, Chris and his wife packed up and moved to Kelowna to ensure a better quality of life for their two children. Once in Kelowna, Chris noticed an opportunity in the service experience for owners of European automobiles. So he went to business school and decided to start his own repair facility. One that removed any barriers between customers and their service provider.

Starting Motor Werke in 2009 with two bank loans and the physical help of his father to build the shop, Chris rapidly built up a team of passionate technicians and created a culture of transparency and openness. From the cleanliness and open sightlines of the facility to the personable and straightforward explanations of the staff, everything about Motor Werke reflects Chris’ passions for quality and unpretentiousness.

Thank you for allowing us the privilege of servicing your vehicle; we will continue to provide you with the conscientious, honest service delivered with the highest standards of professionalism. We hope to remain your preferred centre for European automobile service for years to come.
– Chris Germana