Katrina Rosche

Chief Admin & HR Officer

Favourite Car

Volvo 850 T5R

This powerhouse of an administrator recently joined our team and keeps Motor Werke running smoother than a Maserati on premium fuel. She files, emails, tracks, and reconciles almost simultaneously. Her work ethic doesn’t stop at Motor Werke; she’s currently studying for her Bachelor of Business Administration.

Before coming to Motor Werke, she worked in the world of RVs as a parts advisor. Katrina has fit right in, bringing her experience from her previous job while learning how intricate yet organized European car parts can be.

When we’re not asking her, “Did you get those receipts?”, Katrina stays busy outside of Motor Werke, soaking in the Okanagan lifestyle by kayaking and ice skating – yet has never been camping. Avoiding camping isn’t her only pastime, she also spends a great deal of time with her adorable Pitbull Terrier named Fanta and her Tabby cat, Sprite. Will the next pet be named Pepsi? We’ll keep you posted!