Manuel Schumann

Pit Crew Technician

Favourite Car

Amilcar C6

Manual started at Motor Werke in October, 2019. He is a BMW and Mercedes-Benz know-it-all in the best way possible. He brings a special set of skills needed in the European car world – and he had us when he said his favourite make was the Amilcar. Different, impressive, and a veteran on the French Grand Prix race track. We needed this guy on our team.

When not in the shop, Manuel is working on his acreage with Zooey the Whippet by his side, or flying around the Okanagan sky! You thought we were going to say roads, but our technicians’ interest in fast, well-made machines doesn’t stop at ground level.

European cars simply make sense to Manuel, and when you bring yours to Motor Werke, it’s in good hands.