Michal Utko

Marketing Manager

Favourite Car

Fiat 126 Maluch 😉

Michal and his family came to Canada in 1993 from the land of the famous Fiat 126 Maluch, also known as Poland. In 2012 Michal his partner and their son visited Kelowna for a family vacation and quickly fell in love with the area. Six months later Michal and his family had relocated to the area and have not looked back since. 

Chris Germana was one of the very first clients Michal worked with in Kelowna, and more recently became a more prominent part of the Motor Werke team by filling the position of Marketing Manager. Michal says he has never seen a more passionate group of people than the one at Motor Werke, and that is what he likes the most about being part of the team. We think Michal fits the culture at MW perfectly with his sharp attention to detail, dedication to the customer service experience, and passion for learning. 

For Michal, there is nothing better than driving home along the Okanagan lake and spending time outdoors with his wife and kids. When he is not taking in the beauty of the surrounding area with his family, Michal like to spend his free time focusing on his passion for design, including architectural and industrial design. Researching the customer experience and optimization and implementation of a strong creative/business process are two things he considers as vital to the success of any business.

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