Scott Bagnell

Pit Crew Technician

Favourite Car

Lancia O37

Scott not only has 16 years of experience as an automotive technician but has all of the tools, and then some. Quite literally. As a long-time Snap-On Tool franchisee, his knowledge and organizational skills when it comes to toolboxes haven’t gone unnoticed. In fact, it may have created a bit of jealousy around the shop.

Scott lived in an RV for 15 months, on purpose…and liked it! So, it’s safe to say that he doesn’t shy away from challenges. European engineering makes better, more complex vehicles. By spending almost two decades perfecting his skills, these intricate, sometimes challenging, machines are no match for Scott.

His passion for cars extends to racing, as with most of our staff. For Scott, the American Le Mans racing series is where it’s at. Besides his awesome wife and two boys, a good discussion about the C7R Chevrolet Corvette factory team will also bring a smile to this man’s face.

His expertise, willingness to help with any job and the top-notch service he provides to keep our customers’ pride and joys on the road, make him a great asset to the team.