Sophie Steadman

Service Advisor

Favourite Car

Chris Germana’s Former R32

Though her chief ambition is to one day be known as the person to play the most sports on Earth, Motor Werke was fortunate enough to have Sophie join the team. Before joining Motor Werke, she worked as a travel consultant and her organizational skills, stress-free attitude, and no-filter one-liners make her a great addition to the team.

She took on the role of Service Advisor in May of 2019, and has mastered the art of dealing with difficult customer questions she’s never heard while finding the answer! The learning experience while surrounded by European cars has been a fun challenge and we look forward to hearing more stories like the time she met up with Mongolians in a yurt and drank fermented horse milk. Go ahead! Ask her about it.

Because of stories like this one, we knew Sophie would try anything once. So throwing her into the thick of things here at the shop was never a concern.

Even though she calls sports by the wrong name (it’s soccer, Sophie!), this skiing, hiking, indoor climbing, kayaking, footballing, karate-kicking, all around awesome person is ready to help whenever you need it.