Love is a three letter word. BMW

Love is a three letter word. BMW

BMW Service and Repair
Models: M Performance Series, M2, Z4, X Series, 3 Series, 5 Series, 7 Series

BMWs look better than North American cars. There, we said it. We stand by it. BMW owners know it too. They dangle their keys in public a little more, they walk with a certain swagger – as well they should. What’s so special about this car? If you don’t know, then you haven’t driven one. BMW was designed for the sheer joy of driving. They are pure masterpieces of engineering and man, do they look good on the road.

It’s enough to turn love into a three letter word – BMW.

Let us concentrate on keeping your BMW properly maintained so you can concentrate on properly enjoying it. We’ll become familiar with your car, understand its unique personality and keep comprehensive service records. We will only do the work that is required and only after you authorize it.

Most BMWs have Condition Based Service (CBS) to help you decide when your car needs service. CBS is a very limited system, monitoring the basics like fluid levels and tracking the time/kilometre recommendations for fixed maintenance schedules. Because it only monitors a few of the many primary systems that require regular maintenance, we recommend you bring it in for service every six months.

Our technicians monitor critical conditions not included in the CBS, such as coolant protection level, fuel filter cleanliness, transmission oil, engine belt and other components/systems susceptible to wear. The better care we take of the basics, the better your car will perform.

The people who designed and built your BMW know the kind of passion you have for their cars. We have it, too. And we’ll work diligently to keep it.

Suggestions to improve your BMW’s performance.

Change your oil more often than BMW recommends.
An oil change should occur about every 25,000 km according to BMW. We suggest changing it every 5,000 km for conventional oil engines (pre 1999 models) and every 8,000 km for synthetic oil engines (late 1999 and up).

Engine oil quality can seriously affect your BMW.

Don’t ignore your Check Engine light.
While your car’s engine computer automatically corrects any issues, those corrections may have other consequences that could affect your vehicle. For example, automatically changing the fuel ratio leads to burning additional gas which could affect other engine components. Fortunately, the original issue that triggered your light is stored in your dashboard computer’s memory, so we can easily retrieve that information and work on the original problem.

Change your fluids regularly.

Brake fluid at least every 2 years as recommended by BMW factory service.

Transmission fluid and filter every 100,000 km. Although most BMW transmissions have “lifetime fluid,” replacing the fluid regularly will maintain the long-term service of your transmission.

Power steering fluid change every 40,000 km.

Engine coolant change every 2-3 years. As coolant ages (2-3 years), the pH level drops and it can no longer adequately protect hoses, gaskets, seals, O-rings, radiator or lubricate the water pump.

Have a fuel system service every 50,000 km. Our fuel system cleaning agent removes deposits on injectors, valves and combustion chamber surfaces.

Ceramic brake pads make your wheels look better.

Excessive dust build-up on semi-metallic factory brake pads can stain your wheels. Installing ceramic pads reduces dust by up to 70%.

Upgrades worth considering.

You can gain up to 5 to 20 horsepower by upgrading your exhaust. Boosting your braking power is also recommended. Ensuring your software is up to date is also important.

If you live in or around Kelowna, please contact us for all your BMW service and repair needs. Motor Werke will show your BMW some real love.