Mechanical Repairs

Motor Werke has been offering complete mechanical repair services for over 10 years in Kelowna. We specialize in all European models including Audi, VolkswagenPorscheMercedes-BenzBMWLand RoverJaguar, MiniVolvo, Maserati, Aston Martin, Ferrari and Bentley.

As Kelowna’s premier mechanical repair shop, you can trust our European auto experts to use factory level parts when needed, OEM quality aftermarket parts and other performance brands that are specific to the vehicle being service. Our commitment to our customers includes using state-of-the-art equipment, continued training for our auto technicians, shuttle services and courtesy cars, vehicle home or office pick up plus a three-year warranty on all of our work.

Choose the experienced auto technicians at Motor Werke for the very best in mechanical repairs needed for your European vehicle.

Mechanical Repair Services Available

Lighting Repairs

Bulb replacements

Complete assembly replacements (e.g. taillight, headlight, foglight)

Wiring repairs

Switch replacements

Headlight restorations

Washer System Repairs

Wiper blade replacement

Wiper arm replacement

Wiper motor replacement

Washer fluid reservoir replacement

Washer fluid pump replacement

Washer fluid jet replacement

Washer jets adjustment

Cooling System Repairs

Water pump replacement

Thermostat replacement

Radiator replacement

Radiator hose replacement

Cooling fan motor replacement

Expansion tank replacement

Fan clutch replacements

Coolant temperature sensor replacement

Coolant temperature switch replacement

Starting & Charging System Repairs

Battery tests

Starter tests

Alternator tests

Battery replacement

Starter replacement

Alternator replacement

Drive belt replacement

Belt tensioner replacement

Belt pulley replacement

Ignition lock replacements

Fuel System Repairs

Fuel cap replacement

Fuel line/hose replacement

Fuel tank replacement

Fuel pump replacement

Fuel pressure regulator replacement

Fuel pressure sensor replacement

Fuel pump relay replacement

Fuel injector replacement

Power Steering System Repairs

Power steering pump replacement

Power steering re-service replacement

Power steering hose(s) replacement

Power steering pressure switch replacements

Steering & Suspension System Repairs

Replace steering rack & gear

Replace shocks

Replace struts

Replace coil springs

Replace sway bars & links

Replace control arms & bushings

Replace ball joints

Replace level sensors

Replace airbags & air shocks

Replace tie rods

Four wheel alignments

Driveline System Repairs

Replace CV joints

Replace CV boots

Adjust wheel bearings

Replace wheel bearings

Replace wheel hub assemblies

Replace axle seals

Replace driveshaft assemblies

Replace driveshaft center support bearings

Replace transmissions / Gearboxes

Replace transmission shifter cables

Replace differential assemblies

Mechanical Repair Services Continued

Engine Repairs

Engine rebuilds

Engine replacements

Replace oil level sensors

Replace oil pressure senders

Replace oil cooler lines

Replace oil cooler gaskets

Replace oil coolers

Perform hot oil flushes

Replace oil filter housing / Oil filter stand gaskets

Replace oil pans and/or oil pan gaskets

Replace oil separator valves or crankcase ventilation valves

Replace crankcase ventilation hoses

Replace engine oil dipstick and/or tube

Replace valve covers and/or valve cover gaskets

Replace timing covers and/or timing cover gaskets

Replace timing chains

Replace timing chain tensioner

Replace harmonic balancer

Replace intake manifold and/or intake manifold gaskets

Perform intake manifold decarbon/walnut blast

Replace timing belt

Replace intake manifold actuator

Perform engine shampoos

Replace engine mounts

Replace mass air flow sensors

Replace camshaft position sensor

Replace crankshaft position sensor

Replace catalytic converters

Replace variable valve timing solenoid

Replace DISA valves

Replace crankshafts and/or crankshaft seals

Replace O2 sensors

Replace exhaust manifold and/or exhaust manifold gaskets

Replace exhaust gas re-circulation (EGR) valve

Replace exhaust clamps

Replace NOx sensor

Replace secondary air pumps

Replace DMTL pumps

Replace glow plugs

Replace glow plug modules

Replace ad blue pump


Install, mount and balance tires

Install mounted tires

Tire rotation

Tire leak repairs

Road force balancing

Tire pressure sensor replacement

Replace wheel bolts

Braking System Repairs

Replace brakes (pads, rotors, sensor)

Perform brake services

Replace master cylinder

Replace vacuum pump

Rebuild calipers

Replace calipers

Replace brake hoses

Adjust parking brake

Replace brake booster

Heating and Cooling System Repairs

Replace blower motor

Replace blower motor fan resistors

Evacuate and recharge air conditioning system

Replace A/C service ports

Replace A/C compressors

Replace heater core

Windows, Doors & Mirrors

Replace window regulators

Replace window motors

Replace window switches

Replace door lock actuators

Replace door handle carriers

Replace door latches

Replace side mirror glass

Replace side mirror assemblies

Replace side mirror motors

Replace rear view mirror assemblies

Replace key fob batteries

Replace key fobs (not all brands)

Initialize key fobs (not all brands though)

Trim & Body Repairs

Replace door seals

Replace engine bulkhead trim

Replace plastic trim pieces

Replace grilles

Replace park aid sensors

Replace hood struts

Replace trunk struts

Replace trunk latch

Replace trunk release actuator

Restraint System

Replace airbags

Replace seat occupancy mats

Replace seat belt buckles