mini countryman oil kelowna repair

Mini Countryman, Big Oil Leak

The Countryman is the oxymoron in the car world known as the biggest MINI. This manufacturer reinvented the crossover with this SUV-ish type design. But, don’t let its small size fool you! It takes on the hills, bends, and straightaways without losing one breath. On the one hand, it is small enough to appeal to devoted MINI lovers but large enough to fit real people living the Okanagan lifestyle.

This pint-sized car is a huge win for drivers. 

Although very rare, yet possible, this 2011 MINI Countryman S came to us with an excessive oil leak which originated in the exhaust manifold. Motor Werke’s European auto experts dove deeper by pulling apart the exhaust manifold to find oil leaking from cylinder 4’s valve stem seal.

Check out these two photos to compare. Our technicians quickly removed the cylinder head to begin repairs. We double-checked for any imperfections in the valves/ cylinder head. Once inspected with a fine-tooth comb, we put everything back in its place, getting this Mini back to normal! Bonus – no more oil consumption or oil drops on the owner’s driveway.

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