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Oil Supplements To Fuel Your European Car

People take supplements to get enough essential nutrients to maintain or improve their health. Some of you may take more supplements than others based on the lifestyle you lead. Just like building muscle at the gym, your car could use some help in reaching its full power. 

The technologically advanced cars we drive today, the amount we use them, and the way we drive all result in engines running hotter than ever. Most modern car engines run at about 93°C! With turbo charger temperatures reaching around 900°C. That’s hard work. So, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that a vehicle would need supplements as well. 

Motor oil is the lifeblood of your engine and serves several purposes such as:

  • Holding small contaminants within itself to prevent harmful deposits from forming on metal surfaces.
  • Cooling engine parts by absorbing heat and carrying it to a place where it can be safely dissipated – like an oil cooler.
  • Minimizing combustion byproducts from contaminating the lubricating system by acting as a dynamic seal.
  • Neutralizing corrosive products and acting as a barrier between engine components and corrosive substances.
  • Transferring energy in the cases of hydraulic equipment or valve lifters.
  • Standing up to intense heat generated by turbo power.

MOA Oil Supplements Kelowna

In addition to the typical day to day jobs, the oil must do them all with today’s suggested extended oil change intervals, which put a lot more strain on engine oil and engine components. After a while, thermal and oxidative breakdown may occur, causing the engine oil to thicken. 

Thick oil is not only less effective but promotes the buildup of deposits. 

Even high-quality synthetic oils will degrade eventually. However, extended oil change intervals offer a lengthy incubation period for these deposits, and they can go undetected for several months.  

If left unchecked, deposits can cause severe problems to engine internal components and seals. Causing poor performance, leaks and lowering fuel economy. Not ideal for your vehicle, your wallet, or the environment.  

Our European auto technicians in Kelowna often use BG Advanced Formula MOA®, a unique formula that mitigates or eliminates the problems we mentioned above.  

How? It provides a high level, powerful detergency and antioxidant system that prevents engine oil degradation and thickening under even the most severe stop-and-go, high temperature driving. 

BG Advanced Formula MOA® protects the components of your engine but when combined with overall good car maintenance, this engine oil additive can substantially enhance your car’s performance, fuel costs and longevity.  

We’re big proponents of additives but encourage customers to bring in their vehicles for this service. Tampering with the balance of sophisticated oils by adding other chemicals can adversely affect overall oil performance, sometimes dramatically. 

If you’re not familiar with your car and engine oil but you’re curious about adding supplements to your car’s diet, contact our European service experts today. We service and repair all European models including Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Volkswagen, Volvo, and more.