BMW Service and Repair

Performance isn’t an option. It comes standard.

We know BMW owners are passionate about their cars. We’re here to keep your passion alive, maintaining your sophisticated machine so you can focus on fully enjoying the ride

We go beyond BMW scheduled maintenance.

Most BMWs have an onboard Condition Based Service (CBS) program that monitors a few basics requiring scheduled maintenance and alerts you when it’s time for them. Of course, we offer all BMW service and repair. But then we go further. Our technicians monitor critical conditions not included in the CBS, such as coolant protection level, fuel filter cleanliness, transmission oil, engine belt and other components/systems susceptible to wear. The better care we take of the basics, the better your car will perform.

5 priceless BMW tips that will be valuable down the road.

1. Oil – Ignore BMW’s guidelines and change it more often.

According to the service indicator on your dash, BMW oil changes should occur about every 25,000 km. We recommend more frequent changes to maintain engine performance and durability over the life of your vehicle. Our suggestion is every 5,000 km for conventional oil engines (pre 1999 models) and every 10,000 km for synthetic oil engines (late 1999 and up). We recommend every 8,000 km for turbo charged BMWs and every 6,000 for all diesel models. More frequent oil servicing will protect your engine from build-up of contaminants.

Engine oil quality can seriously affect your BMW.

2. Don’t play engine light roulette.

Any number of things can cause your Check Engine Light to go on and off. BMW’s sophisticated onboard computer technology automatically records the fault while your car’s engine computer compensates for the issue. It might automatically change the fuel ratio which would cause you to burn through more gas and begin affecting other engine components without you even noticing. So our advice is: don’t ignore your Check Engine Light. Come in and see us. Fortunately the original issue that triggered your light is stored in memory, so we can use that information to help diagnose the original problem. Before it becomes a serious issue.

3. Flush your fluids frequently.

Brake fluid should be replaced a minimum of every 2 years as recommended by BMW factory service. Brake fluid protects the brake system, lines, calipers, hoses, pistons and seals. It is designed to absorb water to protect the brake system from corrosion. Moisture lowers the boiling point of the fluid and also can cause corrosion in the system if not replaced.

We believe it’s a good investment to change the transmission fluid and filter every 100,000 km (minimum). Although most BMW transmissions have “lifetime fluid” according to BMW factory service guidelines, we believe replacing the fluid will maintain the long-term service of your transmission.

We recommend a power steering fluid change every 40,000 km. BMW has no documented scheduled interval for replacing or flushing power steering fluid. Just like other operating fluids in the vehicle, as it ages the power steering fluid is less effective in lubricating and protecting the power steering pump, gear, hoses and seals.

We recommend changing engine coolant every 2-3 years. Coolant keeps your BMW’s engine within normal operating temperatures, prevents freezing in winter and maintains the internal surfaces of your engine by preventing corrosion and protecting hoses, gaskets, seals, O-rings and radiator, and by lubricating the water pump. As coolant ages (2-3 years), the pH level drops and it can no longer provide this level of protection. We’ll test the PH of your coolant and advise on replacement accordingly.

4. Prevent fuel system foul-ups.

Fuel system components can build up deposits over time, which can reduce the efficiency and performance of your engine. Our fuel system cleaning agent removes deposits on injectors, valves and combustion chamber surfaces. We recommend your car have a fuel system treatment twice per year.

5. Ceramic brake pads are cleaner.

Semi-metallic factory brake pads can cause staining on your wheels due to the excessive brake dust build-up. We can install ceramic pads which reduce dust by up to 80%. So your BMW will continue to look just as impressive as it runs.

Please contact us for all your BMW service and repair needs. Because our team knows how to keep your BMW performing.