Mini Service and Repair

It’s not small. It’s concentrated awesome.

Minis are the perfect car to cruise around Kelowna, especially in the summer. You know how much fun it is zipping around the lake, compact and nimble, yet solid and substantial. A small car bursting with inner bigness. Regular Mini service and repair will ensure the driving pleasure that initially drew you to your Mini continues unabated.

Your Mini will communicate when it’s time for service; allow us to provide expert technicians, diagnostic equipment and OEM parts to get you back on the road smoothly. Your Mini is in expert hands with us. Zip into our Kelowna shop to schedule your Mini service and repair appointment today, or give us a call. We are passionate to get your Mini performing at its best.

Valve gunk can devalue performance.

Something to be aware of as a Mini owner is a tendency for carbon build up on the intake valves, especially for turbo-charged models from 2007 onward. A lot of short haul trips driving around town can cause this build-up of contaminants and oil droplets that harden and cool because the engine doesn’t have time to heat up to full operating temperature. This means your valves should be cleaned at a minimum every 50,000 kms.

Oil quality has a maximum impact.

Oil change intervals according to the service indicator on the dash are approximately 25,000 km between oil changes. We recommend more frequent oil changes (minimum every 10,000 kms) to maintain engine performance and reliability over the life of your vehicle.

It will also benefit you to come into Motor Werke every 6 months for a Mini service courtesy inspection to check hoses, brakes and fluids, and get a visual inspection of the vehicle. Regular Mini service and repair can save you money over the lifetime of your vehicle, so you can enjoy the maximum fun of driving it.