Ferrari Service and Repair

Everyone moves at their own pace.
But someone has to arrive first.

Ferrari. The very name conjures up a legendary racing heritage, breathtaking speed and Mediterranean elegance. To get behind the wheel of one of these masterpieces is hard to explain. But, we’ll give it a go.

Step 1: Fasten your seat belt. They’re important when driving a rocket ship on land.

Step 2: Start the engine. It sounds much louder when you’re the one starting it.

Step 3: Recover from the energy surge coursing through your veins from step two.

Step 4: Clutch in, put it in first gear.

The only way we can describe what happens next is that your brain and body simultaneously scream as loud as they can…

WHOOAA…HOLY &#%[email protected]?!

Want this experience every time you start your Ferrari? You need the team at Motor Werke! Our Ferrari service and repair experts provide specialized attention so your car performs at peak efficiency.

Service includes an annual fluid flush and change – oil, brake and all other fluids. The timing belts need to be replaced every 50,000 kilometres or every three years. Air conditioner elements need to be checked around this time as will the oxygen sensors, the air injection system and all cooling systems. You’ll also need a connection integrity check to help identify small issues before they become big ones.

Every time you bring your vehicle to us for servicing we’ll perform a pre and post road test to ensure we’ve addressed any performance issues you’ve raised. Our team of passionate Ferrari service and repair professionals have the tools, skills and knowledge to make sure your Ferrari is primed to run.

Your Ferrari is a magnificent vehicle and our team at Motor Werke will treat it with all the respect and exacting technical perfection it deserves, so you can experience all the horsepower it is capable of delivering…plus that HOLY &#%[email protected]?! feeling.

Contact us today for your Ferrari service and repair. We would be honoured to work on it.