SOLD | 1987 Ferrari 328 GTS

SOLD | 1987 Ferrari 328 GTS

A classic piece of automotive art. The 328 GTS appears to be moving quickly even at a standstill.

This 1987 Ferrari 328 GTS, designed by Pininfarina, is a well-maintained example with 31,100 miles (50,000 kilometers) on its original 3.2L V8 engine.

The cars original history points to it being purchased new and serviced in Switzerland before being imported to Calgary, Alberta in 2003. A large notebook with pages of records and service receipts document a careful ownership history.

The current owners purchased this GTS in 2005 with only 12,000 miles (19,000 kilometers) on the odometer. The 30,000-mile service has been performed several times over the years, and a major service including drive belts and a new water pump was done about 1,000 miles ago. Other recent service items include new cam seals, new valve gaskets, new spark plugs, and all new fluids and belts. Annual service was performed most recently at 29,000 miles, including brake fluid, gearbox oil, engine oil and coolant all flushed and replaced. The shift shaft seals, oil pan seal, and transmission pan seal were replaced in October of 2015.

To make this example as perfect as possible, the current owners invested in a major mechanical refresh at 29,000 miles that included extensive replacement of many OEM parts. All cooling and fuel hoses were replaced with upgraded SRI hoses, including the filler neck. All vacuum lines, the PCV system, thermostat and all three coolant sensors were replaced. All brand new oil pressure, temperature and sensor switches and another full belt service. in addition, the car’s A/C system was replaced with a new A/C compressor of NE using R12 Freon. The Motronics, Bosch and Cat ECUs were tested and cleaned, heater boxes cleaned and filters replaced and lastly a new battery was installed.

The interiors OEM tan Connally leather was refurbished in late 2016. The Wilton wool carpeting looks plush and taut. There are no tears or fraying evident on the hand stitched, black leather steering wheel and dash. All gauges, lights and power windows function properly and the car comes complete with the original folding ignition keys and door vent keys, spare wheel, and tire.

The Rosso Corsa paint looks brilliant and is original, except for the front hood which was resprayed from a slight damage repair made to the telescopic hinge connecting the hood to the frame. The black vinyl targa top is in excellent shape and all exterior rubber, glass, and black trim look like new. The 16″ Cromodora rims are also in excellent condition and show no signs of curb damage. Brand new tires with less than 1,000 miles on them.

To drive a 328 GTS is an experience like no other. Fast, with impeccable road handling that is smooth and effortless, and a style that commands attention wherever it goes.

Car Details

Year 1987
Make Ferrari
Model 328 GTS
VIN ZFFXA20A6H0072107
Mileage 49,498 km
Exterior Colour Red
Interior Colour Beige
Engine 3.2L V8
Body Targa
Transmission Manual
LPKM/Highway 13.1
LPKM/City 18.1