The E46 M3’s best attribute is undoubtedly its engine. A six-cylinder unit with 3246cc displacement, capable of 338bhp at 7900rpm and emitting a classic BMW sound: deep and throaty in the lower revs, but raspy and metallic as the revs climb. BMW has taken all the best features from its predecessors and made the E46 faster, better and stronger; countless suspension and body components were strengthened, stiffened or relocated to attain more speed and durability.

Despite being over a decade old, the E46 is one of the better looking BMWs of all time. It is simple yet exciting. A timeless design, with robust wheel arches, an aggressive stance and an elegant profile.

The E46 remains one of the finest sporting coupes money can buy, a car that every performance enthusiast keeps an eye out for. It rides incredibly well with a litheness and refinement that most sports cars can’t get right.

In the past couple of years there have been a host of maintenance items and common issues that have been addressed on this car at Motor Werke. Among these are subframe reinforcement and complete vanos rebuild. Mechanically, this M3 has been very well maintained but it does have minor imperfections on both interior and exterior.