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Tire Package

MW TIRE PROMISE Your Tires, Our Promise

Our Tire Changer is the only tire changer to use when dealing with low profile and high-end rims. The quick clamp and roller system gently rolls the bead from the rim with NO contact to the face of the rim. This ensures that your wheels remain scratch-free.

Our Road Force Elite Balancer is the industry’s fastest diagnostic balancer with a diagnostic load roller that can solve vibration problems and identify vehicle pull.


  1. Free Air Pressure check and Top-Up
  2. Complimentary Tire Inspections
  3. Lifetime Tire Rotations
  4. Complimentary Wheel Balance every 5,000km
  5. Complimentary Alignment Check
  6. Complimentary Tire Repair *
  7. Free Tire replacement – for the first 3 years **
  8. Relearn TPMS Systems when applicable


    Pole-Position package is only applicable to tires purchased through Motor Werke

    * Only applicable if the tire can be safely repaired, for the life of the tire.

    ** 100% cost coverage for the first year, 50% coverage for years 2 & 3. Only the damaged tire will be covered. This does not cover the costs to replace extra tires needed for AWD vehicles.


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