Two Common Sprinter Van Service and Repair Issues

Two Common Sprinter Van Service and Repair Issues

The Sprinter van has been around since 1995, giving us plenty of time to figure out its pros and cons. Pros? It’s a delivery, people transporting, toolshed on wheels…machine. Cons? They are always on the road working. So, it’s no wonder that our European auto experts perform a variety of Sprinter van service and repair work.

Are they really that good for commercial use? Well, yeah! Amazon recently purchased 20,000 Sprinter vans to fulfill its plans for expansion. That alone should keep Sprinter in the black for a while. Since this chameleon of a vehicle can transform into anything from a camper’s oasis to a fully-equipped woodworking shop, it’s here to stay. Our auto experts are trained to take on any Sprinter van service and repair job, big or small.

Understanding the Mercedes Sprinter vans allows fleet managers and business owners to plan and budget accordingly for any unwanted but common Sprinter van problems.

Here are two common problems with Mercedes Sprinter vans: 


Engine won’t start 

Sprinter vans work hard for their keep! Sometimes, stretching into 12-14 hour days. Like some of us, they simply can’t get through the day; quitting before the whistle blows.

There can be many reasons behind a Sprinter van engine not starting, but here are the leading three causes:


  1. Battery – In any vehicle, this is the number one reason it won’t start. If it is the problem, be grateful. Batteries aren’t too costly, and your Sprinter van will be back to work in no time.
  2. Alternator – Battery ok, but still no life? Alternators can either undercharge or overcharge your battery. Our Sprinter technicians will have a look and let you know if it can be repaired, or needs to be replaced.
  3. Starter – Whirring, grinding, and high-pitched noises are the usual sounds of a bad starter. Symptoms of a bad starter can often be mistaken for an issue with the battery or alternator. Our Sprinter technicians are equipped with the latest tools and technology to correctly diagnose the problem and get your Sprinter van back on the road.


Mercedes Sprinter Van AC Not Working

It’s the middle of an Okanagan summer, plus 36, and you have four more stops for your Sprinter van to finish. Of course, that’s when the AC stops working.

Here are some possible reasons why the AC stopped working:


  1. Leaky AC Refrigerant  – With so much wear and tear on these vans, the probability of an AC refrigerant leak is high. These little leaks are hard to find without the help of a certified auto technician.
  2. Electrical on the Fritz – Electrical issues commonly affect components of the HVAC system, such as the AC compressor and AC condenser. Our Sprinter technicians can quickly diagnose the root of the problem and get to work fixing the issue.
  3. AC Compressor – Is your Sprinter van blowing nothing but hot air? It’s the AC compressor. It’s the least common reason why the Sprinter van AC is not working but the easiest to diagnose. If the AC compressor is the culprit, you may also hear noise when starting up the AC.


Having an AC system that works is essential to keep drivers comfortable, especially in our Kelowna summers. The more comfortable you and your workers are, the more tasks get accomplished. Keep your business moving with regular Sprinter van service, maintenance and repairs.

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