Video Resources

Things move pretty fast here at Motor Werke but our European auto experts understand that your car isn’t just another car – it’s a reflection of you. We share that passion and welcome you to our video gallery where we answer questions from clients about their European cars, give a behind the scenes look, and provide relevant and useful information on the services we offer.

Tech Talk Video Series

An informational section designed to answer popular technical questions received from our customers plus other interesting tips to maintain your European car.

Tech Talk┃Lifetime Fluid Change

Braeden walks us through a transmission service on a 2015 BMW X5 M and explains why the term “lifetime fluids” is flawed. 

Tech Talk┃Cut, Polish, and Ceramic Coating

Can you guess how many hours go into high quality ceramic coating? Tod from Johnny’s Wax Shop can tell you! HINT: It’s quite a lot.

Tech Talk┃Convertible Soft Top Repair

Okanagan roads are made for convertibles and we have plenty of experience restoring, maintaining and adjusting soft & hard top convertibles.

Tech Talk┃Compression Test

Often times, we get customers asking us what a compression test is. Watch as Derek describes how a compression test works and why you may need it.

Tech Talk┃Mercedes SL Fluid Check

When it comes to most repairs and maintenance, we recommend booking a service appointment with our experienced team.

Tech Talk┃McLaren Coolant & Oil Leaks

This is a great weekend to get your vehicle out for a ride and enjoy the Okanagan roads, especially in a McLaren.

Tech Talk┃Regular Check Up

Pay now or pay later. Those are wise words to live by and we believe there’s great value in preventative maintenance.

Tech Talk┃Golf R Tune

Jason has a fun project in the garage. This week, a customer brought in his beautiful 2017 VW Golf R to get a little more oomph.

Tech Talk┃Battery Maintenance

Jessica explains how modern cars put heavier demands on batteries with more fancy electronic features we have come to love! 

Tech Talk┃Mouse Blocker

Rodents and your vehicle should not mix. When they move into your vehicle, they cause extensive damage. This device will get rid of them for good.

Behind the Scenes Video Series

The way we start each day, the trust we have in our team plus the little touches that you may not have noticed; they all have a positive impact on the quality work you and your European vehicle experience at Motor Werke.

Behind the Scenes┃Well Hydrated

See why we don’t use normal tap water to keep your engines and coolant running healthy.

Behind the Scenes┃Group Huddle

Each morning we have a team meeting to get us pumped and aligned for the day.

Behind the Scenes┃Check In Procedure

We treat your car how you’d treat it.  With every service appointment, your vehicle receives a detailed check-in.

Behind the Scenes┃Test Drive

With every service appointment, our technicians will take a customer’s vehicle on a 5km test drive.

Behind the Scenes┃The Board

This is where the magic happens. We know our customers are very busy and we take their time seriously.

Bio Films Video Series

Learn about the unique people who make Motor Werke run. We hire them because they’re passionate about your European vehicles. They stay with us because they know we are too.

Bio Film┃Derek West

For over 5 years, we’ve been privileged to have Derek West as a part of the MW family. This handsome Scotsman brings expertise, humour and an approachable demeanour to our customers.

Bio Film┃Braeden Stacey

Braeden Stacey has been integral to the success of our organization. A true local, Braeden was born and bred in Kelowna and he received his Red Seal in automotive training at Okanagan College.

Bio Film┃Sophie Steadman

Since May 2019, Sophie has been keeping Motor Werke customers happy and the shop humming with her great personality, diligence and British wit.

Customer Testimonial Video Series

A car perfectly reflects the personality of every driver. We enjoy getting to know both the car and its owner. Hear from some of our customers throughout the years and their experiences working with Kelowna’s European auto experts.

Customer Testimonial┃2010 Audi R8 V10

“From the moment I walked in the door, even the first phone call to Chris, I noticed the difference right away.”

– Dave Gervais

Customer Testimonial┃1986 Mercedes Westfalia

“Came to Motor Werke and explained what I was trying to do, and they were all ears and ready to take it on.”

– Steve Dunfield

Customer Testimonial┃2008 Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet

“It’s a different experience with a Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet.”

– Lori Van Rooijen

Customer Testimonial┃2011 Bentley Continental GT Supersport

“When I bought this car, there wasn’t really anyone in the area qualified to work on these cars. So, I looked up Motor Werke and found that they had the expertise I needed.”

– Darryl

Customer Testimonial┃1990 Volvo V70 XC

“I had looked at a few others that advertised as being a Volvo specialty shop but I didn’t get that same vibe from them.”

– Joel Gregg

Customer Testimonial┃1994 Land Rover Defender

“Chris was always top-notch, polite, courteous. You can tell with the time and effort he puts into his work, how much care goes into it – I respect that and I felt like coming back every time.”

– Scott Hannan

Customer Testimonial┃2006 Maserati Gransport

“Kelowna has no other dealership that would handle cars like this. In fact, I would probably think twice of owning a car like this in Kelowna because I wouldn’t want to keep going to Vancouver or Seattle to get it serviced.”

– Mark Stober

Customer Testimonial┃2003 MINI Cooper

“They could order all of the parts in, got everything in on time and were able to fix my car in two days. I got it back on the Friday before they closed for Christmas holidays. It was fabulous!”

– Erin Hemmerling

Customer Testimonial┃1999 Ferrari 355 F1 Spider

“I’ve known Chris since he opened his shop a few years ago. He was so professional and thorough with the work that he did, I’ve been using him ever since on all of the cars that I have.”

– Barrie Clift

Customer Testimonial┃1997 AC Cobra Replica

“Met Chris and the rest of his team, was really impressed with them. They stripped everything off…new rotors, calipers, hubs; the entire process was machined. Great quality brakes and the price point was good as well.”

– Scott Linttell

Performance Cars Video Series

Performance cars are designed for maximized handling, acceleration and braking. Drivers of these cars have an enhanced set of driving skills and never entrust the maintenance and repairs of these vehicles to just anyone. We are honoured that our customers choose us time and time again to work on their prized possessions.

Performance Cars┃Lamborghini LM002 V12 Custom Brakes Lines

 This vehicle is 1 of 300 ever made. An extremely rare car therefore it shouldn’t be a surprise how excited we were to have it visit the shop.

Performance Cars┃Ferrari F355 F1 Spider Exhaust

The sound of the exhaust on this vehicle is still one of our all-time favourites. 



Performance Cars┃Exhaust, Horsepower and Other Upgrades

We get requests to perform upgrades with parts that customers have purchased online. We can’t always in good faith install these after-market parts as we hold our work to a very high standard.

Performance Cars┃2001 Porsche 356 Speedster Replica

This 356 Porsche is based on a VW Beetle. We’re proud of the work done on this replica and invite you to take a look at the final artwork.