Weapon of mass acceleration.

Weapon of mass acceleration.

Kelowna Porsche Service and Repair

MW Motorsports owner Chris Germana has a passion for German engineering. (No, his last name is not a motivating factor.) Along with investing in a highly sophisticated Porsche factory diagnostic tester, Chris is also in touch with an exclusive North American Porsche technicians group who collectively share their knowledge. So with all this expertise, you can be assured your Porsche repairs and services will be done right – the first time.

One of the major benefits of owning a Porsche is their durability. Provided you keep up with the Porsche’s scheduled maintenance, your vehicle will operate at peak efficiency for years to come. We’ll develop a specific Porsche scheduled maintenance program for your vehicle that is consistent with factory service guidelines. We also carry factory Porsche replacement parts at our shop in Kelowna – no waiting for a shipment from the coast.

Regular Porsche maintenance intervals

Major maintenance on a Porsche should always be completed every four years for the best possible results. Your first major maintenance interval will occur after 64,000 kilometers. This will involve checking the diagnosis system, changing the engine oil and oil filter and more. An inspection of the diagnosis system involves reading the fault memory and checking for errors, resetting the maintenance level, reading and recording range information and more. During the same period of time the coolant hoses will also be checked and a visual inspection of all radiators and air intakes will also be performed to check for debris and other signs of blockage.

At 128,000 kilometers, additional inspections will be performed that include checking brake hoses and lines, the pedal play and end position of the clutch, and even the condition and pressure levels of your tires. The firewall of the body drains will also be checked for any debris that may be present.

If you’re in need of superior European auto repair to service your Porsche, or if you’re just trying to stay on top of all Porsche scheduled maintenance, our highly skilled technicians and mechanics will always make sure that your job is not only done right but done right the first time.

Engine oil quality affects your Porsche’s performance.

In between regular servicing Porsche suggests oil changes every 15,000 to 20,000 km. In this instance, we would beg to disagree with our esteemed colleagues in Germany. Although your oil can certainly last that long, that doesn’t mean it won’t be filled with contaminants and moisture that can build up and adversely affect your engine’s performance. For turbocharged models, we recommend oil changes every 5,000 km and between 8 -10,000 for regular Porsche engines.

Uber Upgrades.

We love to help you get the most from your Porsche. From modifying your suspension or exhaust to the delicate software tuning and calibrations involved with adjusting ignition timing and fuel delivery, our technicians pride themselves on extracting every last ounce of performance from your vehicle.