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When to Flush: Power Steering Maintenance

Do I really need a power steering flush?  Check your vehicle owner’s manual. If it says you need a power steering flush at a specific interval, and it’s long past that mileage, the easy answer to this is, yes!

Most of us don’t regularly look at the manual. More than likely you rely on your mechanic to tell you when a power steering flush is needed. Some newer vehicles come equipped with electronic power steering and this service may not apply to you but it’s always a good idea to have it inspected regularly when you’re visiting us at the shop. Here at Motor Werke, our customer management system tracks every car and its needs, so we don’t miss a beat, or a flush!

Why is power steering important?

Vehicles today are equipped with large, heavy tires that are wider than older models. The tires grab the road to prevent traction loss in a corner or during acceleration. Without your power steering working correctly, turning would be much more challenging, and it would feel more like you’re driving around a school bus.

Over time, small amounts of wear products such as bits of plastic, metal and rubber build up in the power steering fluid.  As these particles get pushed around in the fluid, they accelerate the wear and tear to many of the other components in the power steering system.

The only way to remove these small particles is to remove the power steering fluid and add new, clean fluid.


During a power steering flush service, the Motor Werke team:

Removes specific lines to drain/suck fluid from the system.

Removes the power steering reservoir.

Installs a new reservoir, fills and bleeds the system to specification.

Road tests, re-inspects and verifies fluid level. Why do we replace the reservoir? As you can see in the picture above, the reservoir has been cut open so you can access the internal filter. There is no way to replace this filter without replacing the whole reservoir.

Because of our highest standard in automotive maintenance, we use Liqui Moly oils that meet or exceed the vehicle’s system requirements.


Is it time to change your power steering fluid?

Even the most responsible car owners who diligently change oil and perform tire rotations right on schedule, don’t usually give much thought to their power steering. And not every mechanic, or even owner’s manual, agree on the perfect time for a good flush.  Adding to the confusion, different fluids can have different service lives.

Considering all of this, do you think it’s time to contact the European auto experts at Motor Werke? If you keep up with steering maintenance, you’ll have no issues taking those Okanagan corners through the valley. Book an appointment today!