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1999 Porsche 911 C2 Suspension & Wheel Upgrade

We had the absolute pleasure of modifying this 1999 Porsche 911 C2 for an overall better track experience.

It is always exciting for us to take a customer’s passion and improve upon it for them. Upgrading is always an enjoyable venture. Who doesn’t like to improve upon things and see the progress along the way? But enhancing for a purpose is our favorite!


Suspension is everything when it comes to control. No matter how much horsepower or torque you have, it means nothing without proper suspension. Your tires meeting the pavement effectively is what makes better steering and handling possible, and the suspension system is responsible for maximizing that friction.

We installed Ohlin’s Road and Track height/dampening adjustable coil over suspension and added Tarett adjustable camber plates and GT3 Cup toe links to dial in alignment. The camber plates allow proper tuning of camber and holds the strut more precisely under high cornering loads. GT3 Cup adjustable toe-links and locking plates maintain toe setting better than factory toe arms.

The old rear upper shock mounts were getting soft, so they were replaced. Front and rear strut assemblies were replaced with Ohlin’s Road and Track package. Ohlin’s Dual Flow Valve technology makes it easy to quickly change stiffness of the shock absorbers. We set the height and spring preload to the recommended settings by the manufacturer and our customer has the freedom to alter for personal preference.


We took this opportunity to also upgrade the original rubber brake hoses, which were cracking and collapsing, to braided stainless steel/Teflon flex hoses. These new hoses increase pedal feel and deliver more pressure to the calipers. Because of their design and material, they will not swell when pressurized by the foot pedal and master cylinder. Installation was followed by an extensive hydraulic system flush and bleed using high-performance brake fluid.


Finally, we mounted ultra-light OZ wheels with Michelin Pilot Super Sport low profile tires. Not only do they look super cool, the wheels also increase the effectiveness of the Ohlin’s kit. Each 18-inch wheel weighs only 8.75 kg, reducing the unsprung weight.

The car’s performance is enhanced when total weight is reduced because less weight needs to be controlled and therefore less energy is required to do so. Reducing unsprung weight allows the shock absorbers and struts to be more effective in controlling the suspension’s movement.The combinations of lighter wheels and tires allows for faster acceleration and shorter braking distances due to less rotational weight.

Final Lap

Once all suspension, brake, and wheel components were installed, it was time to fine tune. We loosened off front and rear control arm bushing pinch bolts and disconnected swaybars to dial in ride height, allowing suspension to articulate and settle while adjusting. An alignment was performed with our Hunter Hawkeye Elite alignment machine. Using four high-resolution cameras, it measures wheel position and orientation with absolute accuracy. All combined, these upgrades provide better handling, more precise feedback, enhanced braking, and overall consistency on lap times.

This 911 Porsche C2 is now ready for whatever the road or track has to throw at it! If you’re a Porsche owner, our experts would love to see your vehicle in our shop, located right here in Kelowna. Book your appointment today!