European Car Brands We Service


People who set new standards with the latest technologies and innovative designs created your Audi. We are the people who service and maintain your vehicle with a passion only equalled by Audi owners.


BMW began the Condition Based Service (CBS) concept which monitors the wear of certain components and fluid levels in your vehicle. The CBS system is handy; however, only monitors a select few of the many integral systems.


Jaguar is a classic British car manufacturer that has matched its old world heritage with sophisticated styling and performance.

Land Rover / Range Rover

Every model of Land Rover is unique, but they all require regularly scheduled service and maintenance to keep them in good running condition.


Mercedes-Benz has one of the more complex maintenance reminder systems around. Many of our Mercedes-Benz clients are thoroughly confused by what is due on their vehicle at what interval and, truly, we don’t blame them.


Regular service and maintenance on your Mini ensures the mobility and driving fun that drew you to your car continues on.


Porsche recommends that your car have a minimum annual check to identify any potential problems before they become serious

VW Volkswagen

We know Volkswagen owners love their cars. When it is time to service your Volkswagen, bring it to Motor Werke where our qualified technicians will diagnose and recommend service and repairs.


We know Volvo owners love their cars. When it is time to service your Volvo, bring it to Motor Werke where our qualified technicians will diagnose and recommend service and repairs.

Aston Martin

Legendary service for a legendary brand. We take great pride in keeping your Aston Martin in top condition, maintaining all the power, beauty and soul it had the day it was created.


Your Bentley is designed for supreme comfort and effortless performance. We will work diligently to ensure the enveloping calm you enjoy so much is meticulously maintained.


Ferrari. The very name conjures up a legendary racing heritage, breathtaking speed and Mediterranean elegance. Finely crafted and highly responsive, your Ferrari needs specialized attention to perform at its best.


A visionary manufacturer of the pure super sports car, Lamborghini is among the very few brands to achieve legendary status. Their vehicles are appreciated for their brilliant styling and their breathtaking performance.


Maserati owners love their cars because they’re an undeniably satisfying mix of supreme luxury and exhilarating performance – the ideal combination of opulent sophistication and naked power.

The right choice in Kelowna auto repair, maintenance and service.

Many factors come into play when choosing a service shop for your European vehicle.

Trust is the first and foremost;

choosing Kelowna auto repair, maintenance and service technicians with confidence is important. Experience and knowledge are a major consideration. Our team is highly trained and fully versed in European automobile engineering.

Cleanliness also plays a huge role.

We run a clean shop. Literally. White gloves welcome.

Speaking of spotless, so is our reputation for transparency and ethical business practices.

Everything we do is out in the open. You can see the work we do and have it explained to you in clear, simple terms. When you understand what has been done, it is easier to appreciate its value.

We save you time and effort by providing:

  • European brand courtesy vehicles
  • Shuttle service available every day, when you need it
  • Vehicle pick up from your residence or workplace and drop-off when it is ready
  • Kelowna Airport vehicle pick-up and drop-off
  • Fully enclosed vehicle transportation available

We do more than you would expect.

Aside from maintenance and mechanical repairs, we also offer:

  • Detailing
  • Wheel repairs
  • Dent removal
  • Windshield replacement
  • Interior leather and upholstery repairs/restoration
  • Paint protection film
  • Performance upgrades
  • Complete vehicle wraps
Every car. Every time.

Every car. Every time.

This phrase embodies what we give to each and every one of our valued clients when they bring their vehicle to us. It is our promise that you will receive the following on each and every visit to our shop:

  • A courtesy inspection.
  • A full interior and exterior wash.
  • A prioritized estimate highlighting preventative and regular maintenance services, explaining which of these services is to correct existing problems and which is of a preventative nature.
  • Our assurance that prior authorization in writing, by email or phone or by any other means satisfactory to you will be obtained for all work to be performed.
  • A review of every invoice for parts and labor.
  • Thorough record-keeping. We will maintain your service records for as a long as you have the vehicle. This information can be provided to you if you decide to sell.
  • The absolute highest level of care will be taken with your vehicle while in our possession. This includes using seat covers, floor covers, fender covers and body panel covers when technicians are performing service work.