Your Tires, Our Promise

For us, tires are the foundation of a superb high-performance vehicle. Our tire changers spend a lot of time keeping up to date on the latest tire trends and technology to offer you the best possible advice and service.

We are experts in dealing with low-profile and high-end rims. Our quick clamp and roller system gently rolls the bead from the rim with NO contact with the face of the rim, ensuring your wheels remain scratch-free.

Our Road Force Elite Balancer is the industry’s fastest diagnostic balancer with a diagnostic load roller that can solve vibration problems and identify vehicle pull.

We can help outfit your vehicle with the optimum performance tire package!

Pole-Position Tire Package

What’s Included:

  • Free Air Pressure check and Top-Up
  • Complimentary Tire Inspections
  • Lifetime Tire Rotations
  • Complimentary Wheel Balance every 5,000kms
  • Complimentary Alignment Check
  • Complimentary Tire Repairs
    Only applicable if the tire can be safely repaired, for the life of the tire.
  • Free Tire Replacement – For the First 3 years
    100% cost coverage for the first year, 50% coverage for years 2 & 3. Only the damaged tire will be covered. This does not cover the costs to replace extra tires needed for AWD vehicles.
  • Relearn TPMS Systems when Applicable
Performance tire

Complimentary Tire Repair & Free Tire Replacement can be described as Road Hazard Protection.

“When you purchase Pole Position Tire Package, you are protected from the direct costs associated with repairing or replacing your new tires in the event the tire(s) were damaged by a valid road hazard. The tire will be repaired, or in the event that the tire cannot be safely repaired, replaced free of charge. Coverage includes the full cost of the repair or replacement including:mounting, balancing, weights, patch and plug (for repair), provincial tire levy, and tax. As long as the damaged tire has more than 2.4mm of tread depth remaining, and the damage was caused by a valid road hazard, then you have nothing to worry about! What is covered; nails, screws, glass, raised manhole covers, wood/metal debris, potholes. Each of these tires is then covered for the life of the program, with no limit to the number of repairs or replacements during the term. What Isn’t Covered; Negligence, Blowouts caused by improper inflation/balancing or alignment, Vehicle accident, Vandalism, Manufacturer’s defect, Racing use, Off-Road Damage, Commercial use (taxi, limo, fleet, etc.), Theft, Abuse, Driving on a damaged tire”

The Pole-Position Tire Package is only applicable for tires purchased through Motor Werke. If the original purchased tire is discontinued a tire of equivalent value will be used.


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