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5 Considerations when exploring independent service options

When it comes to maintaining a Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, Audi or any other European brand, servicing your vehicle with the right service provider is a big decision. At Motor Werke, we have over 15 years of business in Kelowna, servicing cars from all over the Okanagan Valley and BC interior. Below we’ll explore five reasons why you would choose Motor Werke for your vehicle’s care.

Expertise and Experience:

Motor Werke stands at the forefront of meticulous care, thanks to our seasoned team of technicians who have undergone extensive training on European cars as well as countless engine-out services of Porsches, Land Rovers, Volkswagens, and Mini Cooper vehicles. We have a keen eye for detail and an innate understanding of European and imported car nuances. Our technicians possess the expertise necessary to ensure that every aspect of your vehicle is impeccably cared for and considered.

State-of-the-Art Diagnostic Services:

At Motor Werke, we understand that knowledge is paramount when it comes to diagnosing and addressing complex issues. To maintain our commitment to excellence, we subscribe to a wide range of diagnostic services equal to or even superior to those offered by dealerships. Our cutting-edge tools allow our technical team to pinpoint problems accurately and provide you with the most effective solutions.

Efficiencies and Cost: 

As an independent shop, Motor Werke offers a distinct advantage over dealerships—the ability to pass savings on to our customers. Unlike dealerships with larger overheads, our leaner operations enable us to provide top-tier services at more competitive prices, without compromising on quality. Experience premium care without the premium price tag.

Personalized Care and Part Options:

We believe in the freedom of choice for your vehicle. As an independent shop, we are not bound by manufacturer restrictions on fluids and suppliers. This means you have the ability to specify fluids and parts that align with your preferences and requirements, elevating your vehicle’s performance to the next level.  We also look at options on parts for those customers who would like to have parts supplied by other manufacturers aside from dealership parts.  We have relationships with the brands to supply parts to the brands we service, going direct to the part supplier, removing the dealership markups and providing better pricing. 

Warranty Considerations:

One common misconception about independent shops is that they void warranties. At Motor Werke, we assure you that your vehicle is in safe hands. Our team adheres to manufacturer guidelines and specifications, ensuring that your vehicle’s warranty remains fully intact. You can confidently bring your new vehicle under full warranty to our shop without any long-term cost worries. We used factory-approved parts and fluids on ALL vehicles that are still under warranty.  

Trusting your vehicle to an independent shop can be a concern for anyone who has not explored options outside of the dealership. There are some considerations when taking into account this big decision to switch to another shop for your service needs. 

The relationships, personalized service, and advantages inherent to a smaller business; coupled with the opportunity for our team members and technicians to establish a personal rapport with both you and your vehicle. We are in a position to provide tailored services, prioritized recommendations, and a level of expertise akin to that found in specialty shops only. 

Our customers are like family, whom we serve and respect wholeheartedly. The next time a service light illuminates your instrument cluster, at Motor Werke we are here for you and your servicing needs.