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BMW 335i xDrive – Oh, Rats!

While addressing some maintenance items, this BMW 335i owner was surprised to learn about a little community going on right under her hood.

Everyone knows that mice are pests and sneaky ones, at that. When looking for a place to call home, your vehicle can look like a pretty inviting place. A car has many dark places to hide, and lots of different materials to chew for making nests or keeping ever-growing teeth at bay. It is up to you to take necessary precautions to deter rodents.

Why Does It Matter?

As we know, mice can be very destructive. They will chew wires, hoses, pull out insulation and ruin upholstery to make comfortable beds. It may not seem like such a small creature could cause harm to such a big machine, but they can, and they do.

In the case of this BMW 335i, the repair cost came out to be just under $4,000. The infestation was caught in the early stages and there was not a lot of damage caused. Not compared to a report from 2017 of a Porsche Panamera in BC with damages totaling up to $15,000!

Luckily, in this and the case of the Porsche, the owner had comprehensive insurance and the bill was footed by ICBC.

Health is another reason to keep rodents away, as they can carry some nasty diseases such as salmonella, leptospirosis, and hantavirus. Hantavirus is particularly well known for being passed around by mice because of the severity of its symptoms. It is a respiratory disease that causes fever, muscle aches, nausea, vomiting, and a shortness of breath. The fatality rate for Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome is 38%.

How Can I Deter Mice from My Car?

The best way to keep nests out of your car is to first keep mice out of your car. Since mice can fit through a hole smaller than a dime, you may have to get creative.

  • First, be aware of where you are parking. Stay away from long grass and shrubs. Parking in a garage or on pavement or gravel is the safest option.
  • Keep your car clean of clutter and garbage. Any sort of food source will draw the attention of rodents and clutter is a great place for them to hide. Throw away old food and beverage containers and vacuum up any crumbs left behind.
  • When parking your vehicle over night or for longer periods of time, open the hood. This will let light and space into what would otherwise be a cozy and inviting area for rodents to set up camp.
  • Use scented deterrents, such as moth balls, peppermint oil, and Bounce dryer sheets. Most people don’t like the smell of moth balls, and because it can linger in your car long after removing them, setting them in buckets underneath your car will also help deter mice.

Roommate (Un)Wanted

Hopefully dealing with unwanted house (or car) guests is not something you have had to experience and by following these simple suggestions we hope to help you avoid them for the foreseeable future!

We filed an insurance claim for the owner of the BMW 335i and repairs were underway. The intake manifold gaskets, ignition coil over, sound insulation, and rear engine cover were all replaced after a very thorough vacuum and engine shampoo.

Once the mouse house was dealt with by Motor Werke’s team, we were able to carry on with our usual BMW maintenance and the BMW 335i owner drove away without a worry about a stowaway!

If you think that you might have a mouse problem in your car, Motor Werke can take care of the insurance claim, necessary repairs, and clean up for you!