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Your BMW Service Guide

The vehicle you choose to drive says a lot about you before you even step out of the car. For example, driving a BMW tells people that you are someone who values the comfort and styling of the world’s ultimate driving machine.

Finding a qualified BMW service technician is the first step in making sure your wheels are with you for a long time.

BMW Design Helps Keep Track of Service Opportunities

Perhaps one of the greatest features of owning a BMW is the vehicle’s adept way of letting you know exactly what it needs. In addition to the service recommendations you will receive from a qualified BMW service tech, there are specific dash panel alerts to help keep you abreast of your vehicle’s service requirements, including:

Condition Based Servicing (CBS)

The Condition Based Servicing (CBS) system in newer-model BMWs continuously monitors the vehicle’s components for signs of wear, and it displays a CBS icon when a component triggers a warning. The CBS system is only engaged when your vehicle’s systems need attention.

Service Interval Indicator (SII)

Older BMWs that debuted before the introduction of CBS employ a system known as Service Interval Indicator (SII). Rather than continuous monitoring of individual components, the SII system tracks service requirements for your BMW based on mileage. Because the SII system somewhat less intricate than its successor, following the advice of your BMW mechanic will be essential to keep your Bimmer running smoothly for years to come.

BMW Service Guidelines are General Recommendations

The recommended service schedule for your BMW provides direction on the intervals at which you should bring your vehicle in for service. It is important to note these recommendations are general in nature. There will be differences in the nature and frequency of service your vehicle needs depending on the road conditions where you live and your driving habits.

For example, if you wait until the indicator light in your dash panel comes on, you could go 25,000 kilometres without changing the oil in your BMW. That may be acceptable if your vehicle operates under ideal conditions, but your location and lifestyle will affect your BMW service needs.

Road Conditions Affect Your BMW

As lovely as it can be here in Kelowna, we also know road conditions are pretty far from “ideal” at some points in the year. As part of the city’s commitment to using environmentally sound tactics to keep our roads clear, there has been a concerted effort to cut down on the use of rock salt.

These environmentally-friendly snow management tactics have also meant the application of a magnesium chloride solution in advance of storms to keep ice from forming. This is great news for the environment, but not-so-great news for your BMW. As we head into the end of winter’s big chill, it may be time to schedule a detailing appointment along with your regular BMW service and repair plans.

Motor Werke is proud to provide qualified BMW service technicians and is located right here in Kelowna, BC. Our highly skilled technicians have the training and experience needed to keep your BMW running smoothly for years to come. Schedule a service appointment online to get started.