Enclosed Trailers: Protection is key!

As the snow, and more importantly, the gravel starts to fall, it becomes risky driving those classic cars you’ve spent so much time caring for. At the same time, the winter months are ideal for getting all your servicing done so you can hit the road trouble-free in springtime! Luckily we’ve enlisted a solution for just such a catch-22, the enclosed car trailer! Like the hammer, it’s hardly a revolutionary piece of equipment, but being a garage on wheels does give it benefits very important to classic cars. 

Driving the car on the road adds all kinds of complications, however even being towed on a flat deck trailer puts the car at risk of rock chips coming up and damaging the paint, or worse the potentially very rare and expensive glass, meaning that just the journey to the shop can add costs before the car even arrives. The enclosed trailer guarantees snow, salt, grime and dirt otherwise destined for your cars special bits, gets intercepted by the trailer.

So why are we writing about this? Well, this is something we take seriously, our days are spent caring for these cars that are important to you so we’ve enlisted the help of our Managing Director Braeden’s truck and a trailer to offer a pickup and drop-off service for cars unable to be driven in inclement weather. If you’ve got a classic car destined for a service but want the utmost security in the process, reach out to our service team to get scheduled in today!

Written by Devlin Bonner.