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In 1922 the Swallow Sidecar Company was founded by two motorcycle enthusiasts William Lyons, and William Walmsley, they started building sidecars and coach-built cars on top of existing chassis seeing great success with models like the Austin 7 Swallow. After a few years with growing success in 1934 Walmsley would be bought out by Lyons and create the S.S. Cars Limited and in 1935 S.S. Cars would use the Jaguar name for the first time on the SS Jaguar 2.5L Saloon which started the Jaguar range of vehicles leading up to the 2nd world war when passenger vehicle production was halted.

Following the war there was a rather unpopular public opinion of “SS” and the company decision was made to change their name to Jaguar Cars to avoid any unfortunate comparisons. Following the change Jaguar started to make some world-renowned cars such as the XK120 which was the fastest production car available in 1949, and reclaimed that titled again in 1953 from the Pegaso Z-102 Touring which briefly held the title.

From the E-Type, JXS, XJR, S-Type and many more Jaguars heritage of making recognizable and legendary cars has kept them in the forefront of automotive lore since their inauguration.  

At Motor Werke we service hundreds of Jaguar owners in Kelowna.

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With such a history behind Jaguar it’s no surprise that their current lineup consists of world class vehicles from exciting drop top convertibles with shrieking engines alongside dynamic and capable sedans like the XE with the F-Pace offering an exciting alternative to the regular crossover. As the millennium turned Jaguar started a new design style creating the sense of speed and presence and bringing the younger buyer to Jaguar that carries through to this day.

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Even with rich history Jaguar hasn’t moved vehicles in the same numbers as some other brands, meaning their requirements for servicing and repairs requires experience, training and know how. Motor Werke has technicians who have hands on previous experience on Jaguars alongside regular training and software investments to ensure that our werkes shop is a one stop shop for Jaguar service and expertise in Kelowna.

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