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Before Land Rover became Land Rover they were just… Rover. Well we shouldn’t say just Rover. The Rover Company Limited was a British car manufacture that had a lasting reputation for performance and quality. Rover created the name Land Rover and manufactured this 4WD off-roader from 1948 onwards. As the popularity grew and these four-wheel drive units continued to impress the world, Land Rover grew into its own brand and later its own company. Officially becoming Land Rover Ltd back in 1978. It was still however still a subsidiary of the British Leyland Corporation (BL) following BL motor corporation’s take over of Rover in 1967.

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Land Rover & Range Rover Today

Maurice Wilks started the design of the Land Rover back in 1947 while working as the chief designer at the Rover Company on his farm in Newborough, Anglesey. The design was influenced by the Jeep and the first prototypes used Jeep parts like the chassis and axles.

Land-Rover has since then changed hands a few times. In January of 1994, Rover group including Land-Rover was purchased by BMW. Then in 2000 BMW broke up the group and sold Land-Rover to Ford Motor Company. Then on March 26th 2008 Ford announced that it had agreed to sell its Jaguar and Land-Rover operations to Tata Motors.

Fun Fact: Once Land Rover became established as Land Rover LTD in 1978 the hyphen in Land-Rover (as shown in the logo) began to show up.

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