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Karl Benz is credited for creating the first internal combustion engine car in 1886, kick starting the automotive era as we know today! Carl Benz originally a manufacture of stationary engines paired a four stroke gasoline engine along with a modified 3 wheel carriage frame to make the first car. Less than 100 miles away Gottlieb Daimler made the first four-wheel automobile only months after Benz even though they’d never met. Shortly after his company DMG (Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft) designed and started selling one of the first cars, becoming a major player in the world automotive market. It wasn’t until 1901 that the word Mercedes would first get used on a car. The request came from Emil Jelinek a well-known entrepreneur of the time, it was designed by engineer Wilhelm Maybach to rigorous specifications. The resulting 35hp Mercedes was a big success for DMG marking its importance when the two companies came to merge.

In 1926 due to increased foreign competition, falling value of the Frank and lingering car sales the two companies were recommended by the banks to merger into one, agreeing on the name Mercedes-Benz paying homage to the two original companies. The three-pointed star was a design by Daimler, citing that they made engines for land, air and water.

Manufacturing of passenger vehicles fell during the 2nd world war where Mercedes-Benz moved into heavy truck and machine production. This set the groundwork for vehicles such as the Unimog, G-Wagen and various heavy duty Mercedes products. Shortly after the war though Mercedes-Benz got full swing back into vehicle production.   

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Mercedes Innovation

With Mercedes having the history of inventing the automobile they’ve not rested on reputation continuing to innovate and push forward the automotive industry. Mercedes’s list of firsts is nothing short of amazing:

1886: The First Car

1896: First Gas Powered Truck

1901: The Honeycomb Radiator

1910: First 4 Valve Per Cylinder Car

1931: First 4-Wheel Independent Suspension

1951: First Crumple Zone

1958: First Crash Test Program

1973: First Offset-Front Crash Test

1978: First Antilock Braking System

1995: Introduction of electronic stability control into their vehicles

With even more breakthroughs not listed here Mercedes has kept themselves firmly planted as a marque moving the design of the automobile forward. People often say there’s just something different that makes a Mercedes truly a Mercedes. 

Mercedes service and repair in Kelowna

Mercedes Repair & Motor Werke

Innovation brings complication, and if a company is constantly evolving its products are constantly changing meaning it takes a particular type of shop to keep up with that level of evolution. At MW we pride ourselves in the investment of diagnostic tools and technician training to ensure we’ve got the necessary knowledge and tools for a brand such as Mercedes. Whether you’re looking to get the original ABS system repaired on your classic, or diagnostics on your SL63, we’ve got the know-how to keep your Mercedes on the road.

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