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The first Volvo rolled off the assembly line in 1927 as a design to withstand the harsh Swedish winters where imports were falling short, and with a statement given by the founders “Cars are driven by people. The guiding principle behind everything we make at Volvo, therefore, is and must remain, safety” marked the beginning of a rich brand still recognized today with unparalleled safety! Volvos were the pioneers of safety systems that are compulsory today, from the first 3-point seat belt to rollover protection

While the Volvo emblem is often considered to look like the symbol that represents males, it’s the alchemic symbol for iron. Volvo has changed its logo back and forth from a simple font logo to ones that include the symbol, but since its inauguration, they’ve stayed recognizable.

Outside of safety, Volvo has a rich history in racing that started out as privateers running their own Volvo’s turning into factory-backed racing teams. Volvos are known for their success in rally and BTCC, with their most notable season of campaigning 850 estates for the 1994 season.

FUN FACT: Volvo’s first out-of-country manufacturing plant opened in Halifax Nova Scotia and represented 35 years of Canadian-made Volvos. At Motor Werke we service hundreds of Volvo owners in Kelowna.

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A Swedish brand with rich history in Canada puts Volvo firmly into our hearts. Using expertise from regularly trained and skilled technicians who have experience working on the marquee, Motor Werke is your go to shop for Volvo maintenance, repairs, tires and more!

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