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Learn Why Heat And Winter Tires Don’t Mix

Did you know? If you’ve been putting off switching over your winter tires to summer ones, you’re not alone. We are still getting calls to do so! However, we wouldn’t be doing our jobs if we didn’t advise that it is not recommended to leave it this long. Why? Heat and winter tires don’t mix. It can cause unnecessary damage to your winter tires.

So how do you know when to make the change? We’ve compiled a list of our top tips highlighting when and why you should be changing your winter tires:

  • The first sign is temperature, use it as a gauge (no pun intended). The standard rule of thumb is to change out your winter tires once the average temperature exceeds +7C on a regular basis.
  • Winter tires have a softer compound and larger tread patterns built for cold weather. When the temperature exceeds +7C, winter tires get softer and wear a lot quicker. Summer tires and all-season tires are made with a harder compound so they can withstand the heat and not wear as quickly.
  • For the same reasons noted above, summer tires will get better fuel economy than winter tires. Keeping your soft winter tires on during the warmer months of spring and summer will only cost you more at the pump.

Getting your tires changed on time by a professional is the key to making them last. But sometimes finding that time can be tough. At Motor Werke, we offer a comprehensive tire storage package including changeover of the wheels and tires, cleaning of the tires, and storage in our climate controlled facility. No longer do you have to waste your time loading your tires in and out of your vehicle and finding a spot to store them. Instead, let us do the heavy lifting for you. The heat and winter tires shall never meet again!

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