ICE, ICE, Brembo!

Brembo has been widely regarded for making the most capable, reliable, efficient, and trustworthy braking systems in the world. Many performance cars that we know and love simply would not be the same without them. As soon as you see the telltale gloss red caliper behind the wheel spokes, you know that car means business. 

Derek is the Brembo of Motor Werke. He has been here for 8 years and has serviced countless vehicles in his time. He is as capable, reliable, efficient and trustworthy as automotive technicians get. Any job that is thrown his way, no matter how difficult, is done to the highest standard. Every car, Every time.

Motor Werke’s I.C.E Awards (Integrated Care & Exceptionalism) go out to recognize deserving employees who demonstrate excellence in their field. When this retired caliper was made available to become an award, the recipient was a no-brainer. Derek has proven himself to be the Brembo of the Werke Shop for many years, and we know we can count on him to be our Brembo for many years to come.

Written by Tyler Schick.