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Proper Care Helps Land Rover Stand the Test of Time

The Land Rover family of vehicles is synonymous with adventure and exploration. With so many models to choose from, there is a Land Rover for just about every taste. Once you have acquired the vehicle that provides a perfect combination of luxury and durability, it’s time to find a repair shop that is capable of providing expert Land Rover service.

As luck would have it, we happen to know where you can find one…

Land Rover Service Schedule

Land Rover offers many models to choose from, including the Defender, Range Rover, Range Rover Sport, Range Rover Evoque, Land Rover LR4, Discovery Sport, Land Rover LR2, and the Land Rover LR3. Frankly, the hardest part about the decision to become a Land Rover owner may be picking the one you find most appealing.

With so many models, you may be surprised to learn just how much similarity there is in the recommended maintenance schedule for Land Rover. At a minimum, it is recommended that your Land Rover is brought in for inspection and maintenance every 20,000 kilometres and at least once a year. During these routine inspections, your Land Rover service technician should inspect the windshield wipers, wheels and tires, underbody, fluid levels, brakes and drive belts and many other critical systems that will help keep your vehicle running smoothly.

Land Rover Service in Kelowna

At Motor Werke, we know there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” plan for vehicle maintenance. Our number one concern, over and above the recommended Land Rover service schedule is the development of a strategy that is custom designed to match the service needs of your Land Rover based on your unique driving style and habits. For some customers, this will mean a general overview for a vehicle that doesn’t face any obstacles bigger than a pothole, while for others it will require a keen eye for problems more commonly associated with heavy-duty use on the road less travelled.

The most important thing to bear in mind when considering a shop to provide Land Rover service is to select one that is interested in building a lasting relationship with both the vehicle and the owner. Regardless of the shop you choose for your Land Rover, be sure to ask about the typical service process to find out if you’ll get a detailed listing of the services to be performed – BEFORE the work is completed!

When you use Motor Werke for your Land Rover service, you will quickly see what makes us different. At Motor Werke, we’re not here to just cover the basics – we want to get to know your vehicle inside and out. That’s why we offer a courtesy inspection and an interior and exterior wash with every visit to our shop. This level of attention to detail is just one of the many things that set us apart.

Located in Kelowna, BC, Motor Werke specializes in the expert maintenance and repair of European automobile brands, including the entire Land Rover line. Our skilled automotive service technicians are ready, willing and able to provide exceptional Land Rover service. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.