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Mellow Winter’s Harshness By Checking These 5 Fluids

Living in Kelowna, we can’t complain too much about freezing temps, blizzards, and icy roads. We get hit much less severely than most of the country. But as mountain-loving people, most of us are sure to be found travelling the hills, perhaps through inclement conditions. Whether sticking around town or driving out to the slopes, your vehicle needs some extra special love heading into winter.

We recommend always having your vehicle ‘pre-winter’ checked by a trusted and trained auto technicians like the team at Motor Werke. Our European auto experts know your car inside and out and service all models from Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Mini, Porsche, VW, Volvo, and more.

The top 5 fluids to always check before the winter hits Kelowna to ensure your vehicle runs properly all season long:

1. Oil

When the temperature drops in winter, oil becomes thicker than usual, so your vehicle will need a thinner oil to operate efficiently. Leaving your “summer oil” in the crankcase may harm your engine by overworking the oil pump. Thinner oils flow easier and allow the lubricant to reach all of the engine’s vital areas.

Did you leave your oil change a little too long? Don’t try to stretch it out until the weather warms up. You’re asking for problems with a double threat of not only thick but dirty oil. Save your engine from working overtime and just start fresh with thinner and clean oil.

We all travel during the holidays, and car maintenance is far from our minds once the festive season starts. Take care of your oil service needs now, and you won’t have to ask Santa for a new engine.

2. Brake Fluid

Brakes are important. Always. Especially on icy roads. Brake fluid levels can dip without you even noticing. Our technicians have the equipment to correctly determine if levels are low, plus diagnose any issues that may be causing a decrease in fluid levels. We are meticulous when checking over vehicles for the winter, looking closely at any related problems that could occur. High functioning brakes and your overall vehicle performance are particularly important in unpredictable weather. Our priority is always to keep drivers as safe as possible.

3. Anti-Freeze

Anti-freeze is an underrated, genius-like liquid that protects your engine’s cooling system. During the winter months, your cooling system becomes extremely vulnerable with potential engine damage occurring if anti-freeze is low.

Our auto experts are trained in all European vehicles, ensuring proper specification fluid mixtures and levels for every make and model.

4. Automatic Transmission Fluid

Like oil, transmission fluid plays a critical role in keeping things moving along. Generally, transmission fluid is changed every 100,000 kilometres (or sooner if you use your vehicle for towing), but again, manufacturers of all European cars have specific recommendations. It’s crucial to know your vehicle’s schedule, and our Service Advisors keep track of each essential maintenance milestone for every customer.

5. Windshield Wipers

Have you ever been stuck in a blizzard with worn-out wipers? The worst.

Have you ever kept the leftover summer windshield washer fluid in your vehicle, and it freezes your wipers to your windshield? Brings out the best expletives while driving.

Worn wipers and frozen washer fluid on the windshield? Downright dangerous.

Windshield washer fluid specifically made for the winter efficiently breaks down ice, salt, grime, and snow while preventing freezing on both your “front road window” and inside the reservoir.

These crucial fluids need a thorough check before the bah-humbug weather sets in and we’re here to help prevent unnecessary winter road blocks. Our European auto experts will do a complete inspection, front to back, up, down and all around. We treat our customers’ vehicles as we do our own. Every car. Every time.

Contact us today to book your winter-ready appointment!