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Mercedes Benz Maintenance & Care

With models like the AMG, GT, S-Class, SL and SLK to choose from, Mercedes Benz is a name that is synonymous with German elegance, precision engineering, and a long history of excellence.

When choosing a Mercedes Benz maintenance and repair facility, it is wise to select one that places value on the very same qualities that separate your Benz from other vehicles.

Questions you should ask before you hand over the keys include whether or not they use factory diagnostic equipment and OEM parts to care for your vehicle, and whether or not their technicians have the experience to conduct the rigorous quality standard of Mercedes Benz maintenance.

Mercedes Benz Maintenance Needs Vary by Age, Make & Model

There is no such thing as a bad Mercedes, but a vintage Benz may have some maintenance and repair quirks that are not present in newer models. Issues like “spongy” gas pedals and loose steering have been redesigned in newer models, but an experienced Mercedes mechanic should be able to help you address these issues if yours is an older model Mercedes.

In some cases, things that may seem like a maintenance problem are deliberate design elements. For example, in some Mercedes models, it may feel as though there is only cold air coming into through the vents in the back seat of the vehicle. This is actually a fresh air vent meant to keep rear passengers more comfortable, whereas heat comes from under the seats. If the temperature is too cold, simply closing that air vent will save a trip to the repair shop!

Recommended Mercedes Benz Maintenance Schedule

The needs of every vehicle, no matter the brand, will vary based on how many kilometres it is driven, and the driving habits of the vehicle’s owner. That’s why it’s so important to choose a Mercedes mechanic who will take the time to get to know you and your vehicle. As a general guideline, here are the varying levels of service your Mercedes Benz may require:


This service includes oil and oil filter change, a fluid top-up, and adjustment of the tire pressure to the original factory specifications. At Motor Werke, we will also inspect belts, lights, filters, hoses, tires and brakes. We’ll be on the lookout for signs of fluid leaks, issues with the suspension, and general safety concerns.


In addition to the oil, filter and fluid changes and air top-ups of an Interval One service appointment, this service includes tire rotation and replacement of the engine and cabin air filters. We also inspect belts, lights, brakes, engine bay and suspension – again; we’re on the lookout for potential safety problems or imminent repair concerns.

After either service at Motor Werke, our factory diagnostic tool will reset the service light; thus ensuring it will activate when necessary to alert you to the service needs of your Mercedes Benz.

Expert Mercedes Benz Maintenance and Care in Kelowna

Motor Werke delivers expert Mercedes Benz maintenance and care for all models. We are located in Kelowna, BC, and serve the automotive service requirements of discerning vehicle owners from all over the Okanagan. We take pride in a job well done: every car, every time.

Schedule a service appointment today to see the Motor Werke difference in action.