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Motor Werke is a TreadPro Dealer

Tire shops seem to be popping up like weeds these days. Years ago, there were shops that were dedicated to service and repairs, and the shops that did strictly tires. Nowadays the line between the two has become pretty blurry. Places that market as tire shops will often do oil changes and minor repairs, and shops like ours that do minor or major repairs, maintenance and upgrades also do a lot of tires! 

The idea that you need to go to one of the big tire hubs for the best price is also a relic of the past. As a TreadPro Dealer, Motor Werke has access to the same nationwide inventory and exclusive prices that the big wigs offer, but you still get the personal service that comes with a local independent shop.

Aside from price, availability is another huge factor when it comes to choosing where to buy your car’s next set of winter boots. Lucky for you, nearly every common tire size is stocked in the network of TreadPro warehouses and can be here within a day or two. Being a TreadPro dealer also gives us access to multiple Kal Tire warehouses and even direct access to manufacturer warehouses like Pirelli, Nitto, and Michelin!

Winter tires with lots of tread

Another common issue many tire shoppers run into is figuring out which tires to go for. With Michelin, Pirelli, Continental, Toyo, and many more all offering incredible products, it can be a bit overwhelming for those of us who don’t typically stay up deep into the night researching tread patterns, homologations, speed ratings and treadwear. Fear not my tire-searching friends, for Motor Werke has a dedicated Parts Department who are more than happy to guide you to exactly the right tire for you and your mechanical steed. 

If you do happen to be the type of person who likes to get your hands dirty and have a look for yourself, we have a TreadPro tire selector built into our website right here. You can search either by tire size or by the year, make, and model of your vehicle. From there you can see all of your options with photos and prices, request a quote from our team, and even book your appointment! All from the comfort of your own bed, or even the toilet if you so choose. 

There is no longer any need to shop around for tires. You can now get the best prices and availability that the industry has to offer right here at Motor Werke. Visit our Tire Packages page or give us a call to get your next tire purchase sorted, and you and your family back out on the road safely.