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Motor Werke’s Repair for Your Tesla Model 3’s PTC Heater

As winter sets in, ensuring your Tesla Model 3 is ready to face the cold becomes paramount. At Motor Werke, we’ve recently enhanced the winter driving experience for a Tesla enthusiast by replacing their Tesla Model 3’s PTC heater.

Understanding The PTC Heater:

The Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) heater is crucial in keeping your cabin warm during chilly weather. The PTC heater is designed to replace the function of a car’s heater core. Heater cores transfer heat from your engine to the cabin of your vehicle by moving air through the heater core. As Teslas are not equipped with an internal combustion engine, the PTC heater warms the air up and allows it to be circulated through to the cabin. In our latest service, we delved into the ins and outs of this heating element, how it operates, and the root cause of failure.

close up image of an automotive technician wearing safety gloves, disconnecting the power source on a Tesla Model 3 to repair the PTC Heater unit
close up image of a PTC Heater unit of  Tesla Model 3 on a Technician's work bench in a workshop

Spotting the Signs for Replacement:

Through thorough diagnostics, our skilled technicians pinpointed signs of wear and reduced performance in this Tesla Model 3’s PTC heater. Addressing these issues proactively ensures optimal heating functionality during winter drives.

A Precise Repair Process:

Our team executed a seamless replacement process by securely disconnecting both the low and high-voltage batteries. The interior trim panels and front passenger knee airbag assembly were carefully removed to access the failed component. Following the removal of the damaged PTC heater, we installed a new unit in the HVAC assembly, as per Tesla’s detailed repair instructions.

Bird's eye image of a Tesla Model 3 on a hoist in a work shop with the hood open.
Image of an automotive technician pulling the PTC Heater unit out from  the passenger footwell of a Tesla Model 3

Elevating the Winter Drive:

With the new PTC heater installed, The Tesla Model 3 owner can now enjoy improved cabin heating, swift defrosting, and overall comfort during winter journeys. It’s a testament to our commitment to delivering top-notch service and ensuring our customers drive in comfort, no matter the season.

EV Expertise at Your Service:

Motor Werke takes pride in its proficiency in servicing electric vehicles. Our technicians are well-versed in the unique components of Tesla models, ensuring that each service, from routine maintenance to PTC heater replacements, is executed with precision and expertise. We understand the importance of a well-functioning vehicle, and ensure a seamless experience from diagnosis to completion.