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Oh, Rats! Damage Caused by Unwanted Winter Guests

Weakened batteries, metal corrosion, frozen fuel lines, and other winter hazards for your car can be frustrating. But did you know that mice and other rodents cause the most damage to vehicles over the winter? Their tooth enamel is hard enough to chew through almost anything, and your car may be the perfect spot for them to find nesting materials or hunker down for the winter. It’s more common than you think!

Signs of Rodents in Your Car

Visual sightings of droppings and urine, along with bad smells.

Gnawed upholstery and insulation.

Chewed wires.

Strange sounds, especially the heater or fan making a rumbling or vibrating noise that indicates a nest in the heater blower motor.

Spotting food sources like nuts, dog food, and birdseed that rodents have brought into your car to eat.

Seeing old snacks like crackers in unlikely places.

On occasion, witnessing a mouse or rat jump out of or run around in your car. Eek…that wouldn’t be distracting at all! 

mouse blockers kelowna auto experts

Practicing proper rodent infestation prevention is always key by taking some simple steps:

Keep the Vehicle Clean – Paper, tissues, and fast-food bags are prime nesting material for mice.

Prevent Moisture Build Up – Rodents need water to survive, so a leak in the heater or wet materials left in the vehicle will draw them in and keep them around.

Eliminate Entry Points – Close all windows, including the sunroof, as rodents need only a small crack to gain entry to a car. 

Pay Attention to the Garage – Despite parking in a garage, vehicles can still be at risk for rodents. Check around your garage for any signs of rodents and cover trash cans, throw out debris as soon as you can, clear clutter, remove stored pet food, and check for any gaps or cracks into the garage.

Check Under the Hood – Rodents tend to build their nests near the engine due to the warmth it generates. Nests situated in this area provide rodents easy access to vital circuitry.

Contact Motor Werke – Our team of auto technicians in Kelowna has tested several mouse blockers. We can say with confidence that we have found the ultimate in mouse blockers that offers two active deterrents to scare away mice, rats, and squirrels. At a minimal cost, your car is protected all winter from unwanted guests.

Common nest locations are:

  • Heater blower motors
  • Under the center console
  • Behind plastic paneling
  • The engine compartment
  • The trunk
  • Air conditioner ducts

Vehicles parked in rural areas or near alleys and sewers, as well as those left unused for extended periods, are at higher risk for a rodent invasion. If you have had a problem in the past with rodents or you worry that your car may be at increased risk this winter, contact us and get set up with the best mouse blocker on the market. 

The European auto experts at Motor Werke in Kelowna are standing by to answer all of your questions regarding mouse blockers or other issues you may encounter this winter.