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You Might Be Ready For Summer. Is Your Vehicle?

Investing in a summer vehicle maintenance package now can help prevent big problems down the road.

Ah, summer. It’s finally here. That most glorious of seasons, full of promise and possibility. The open road beckons like a siren. You’re more than ready. But is your vehicle?

Summer driving can wreak havoc on your performance vehicle. Heat, dust, dirt and stop-and-go traffic put added stress on many components including the engine, hoses, brakes, battery, tires and A/C. Before you make plans for a road trip, consider investing in a summer vehicle maintenance package that checks key components to ensure they’re either in optimal working condition or, alternatively, need attention or repair. Preventative maintenance now can save you some serious hassles – and some cash – later on.


One of the first things to be thoroughly inspected is your A/C. It needs to be in top condition in order to deliver maximum results, especially when it’s being used for extended periods of time. You don’t want to experience a complete A/C system failure, particularly if you’re on a road trip. Prior to that happening, there are some signs you can watch for including a weakened A/C airflow, no cold air blowing at all or an unpleasant or strong odor coming from the vents. (This last one is often an indication that there is mildew inside or a possible coolant leak.) When it comes to inspection and repairs, you should trust only a qualified A/C technician.


Engine performance will affect virtually every other aspect of your car’s operation. Hoses and filters might need replacing, especially if you drive in dusty or dirty conditions. Drive belts should be checked to ensure there are no cracks, bulges or frayed edges.


Often overlooked, the battery’s performance in summer is critical since it typically works overtime in hot temperatures. Excessive heat causes battery fluid to evaporate which can cause damage to the battery’s internal structure. All it takes is a small malfunction in the charging system and the battery is done.


Your car’s cooling system also needs to be inspected as this is the part that that stops your engine from overheating. Changing the coolant helps prevent corrosion. Other inspection points generally include a pressure test, thermostat test, cooling fan test and a visual check for leaks.


Tires will also be affected by high temperatures and, ultimately, will have a significant impact on your car’s overall performance. High temperatures increase stress on tires and cause interior pressure to rise. A solid summer vehicle maintenance package will ensure your tires don’t exceed your vehicle manufacturer’s recommended specifications when it comes to tread wear.

So when is the best time to schedule a summer vehicle maintenance package with Motor Werke? While anytime during the next few weeks is recommended, you should definitely book one before undertaking a lengthy road trip. Investing a few hours and a few dollars now will serve you – and your performance vehicle – well down the road.