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The Whys and Hows: Keep Your Car’s Interior Clean At Home

Like many drivers, your vehicle is sort of your home away from home. A significant amount of time is spent in this space; drinks are spilled, garbage ends up on the back seat floor…and kids? Well, kids are kids.

Because of the isolating measures due to Covid-19, we receive numerous phone calls regarding cleaning your car’s interior at home. So, we asked our in-house expert Tod, founder of Johnny’s Wax Shop, to help us with your questions.


First, why is it important to keep your car’s interior clean?


Excess Wear and Tear

Dirt, oils, and acidic drinks like juice leftover from last week’s disastrous spill can all contribute to excessive wear and tear on the upholstery, leather, and even hard surfaces. Cleaning these substances from your car’s interior dramatically reduces wear and tear, allowing your vehicle to look newer, longer – resulting in higher resale value later on.


Health Issues

As you’ll see in the video below, Tod cleans the interior air vents and picks up quite a bit of dirt with just a few swipes of a swab. Hidden dust, dirt, and other microscopic particles create poor air quality within the cabin.

By having a well-cleaned car, free of garbage, smells, and other “I don’t even know what food that could be” debris, you’ll be helping your overall mental health and stress levels too!


Driving Safety

As we just mentioned, the air quality inside your vehicle is important. The circulating particles in your car stick to surfaces like the inside of your windshield and windows. This film can cause a nasty glare during night driving, preventing optimal driving safety.


In the video below, Tod walks us through the essentials when cleaning your vehicle at home. Johnny’s Wax Shop’s new retail space is located right here inside the Motor Werke shop. With regular professional auto detailing, you maintain a “like-new” car interior in a condition not typically achieved with an at-home cleaning. However, by following Tod’s excellent tips from the video above, you’ll be able to restore pride in your ride until your next visit to our shop.

Johnny’s Wax Shop and Motor Werke are located in Kelowna at the corner of Springfield and Spall. Contact us with any questions or to book an appointment.