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Time Ticking For Noisy Audi Engine

Some cars just scream roadtrip. The Audi A4 Quattro Avant is one of them.

Sporty good looks, strong performance, and ample interior space make this Audi wagon a perfect vacation getaway car. The Kelowna lifestyle demands trips to the beach and mountains. Sometimes on the same day.  Always with as many companions as we can fit in the car. With an Audi like this, that’s easy to do.

However, this 2006 Audi A4 Quattro Avant’s adventures came to a halt because of a strange noise coming from the engine bay. After a thorough inspection, Motor Werke’s European auto experts found the culprit. The design of the high-pressure pump and lifter (that runs between the pump and the camshaft) results in premature wearing.

If you ever hear a ticking noise coming from your engine, we highly recommend getting it checked out immediately. The metal particles dancing around in the engine will have it looking like a teenager’s house party. Messed up!

Since 2006, the year of this particular vehicle, the VW/Audi group has revamped the pump and lifter. The much-improved lifter is a roller type design (right), taking up slack and preventing the system from wearing out quickly.

Don’t let time tick away if you hear a strange noise in your engine! Contact us as soon as possible. We service all Audis as well as any European made vehicle. Let our highly skilled auto repair and service technicians help get you back on the road enjoying the Okanagan’s 4 season playground in comfort and safety.