Valved Exhausts: Business by day, rowdy by night

As car enthusiasts, many of us can agree there are few sounds we like better than a good exhaust note. Hearing the roar and crackle of an engine as you run it through the gears adds a whole new dimension to the driving experience. As gearheads we can appreciate a good exhaust note while driving through a tunnel or going for a spirited drive down your favourite road, but there are certainly situations where a more tame and docile sound is preferred. On long road trips with family, or when it comes time to go to work in the morning, a loud exhaust can get old pretty quickly.

Many manufacturers are incorporating a valvetronic system into the OEM exhaust that serves to give owners the best of both worlds. At the push of a button, the vehicle can adapt to provide either a loud or quiet sound, all from the same exhaust system.

Though it may sound complicated, the solution is actually pretty simple. A butterfly valve is placed before the rear muffler, leading to a secondary pipe that bypasses the muffler entirely, or leads to a different chamber still within the muffler that lets more noise pass through.

This technology is becoming increasingly used among OEM exhausts from Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, and Mercedes, but the aftermarket industry is taking advantage as well. Many aftermarket exhaust systems will add a valvetronic function to a vehicle that did not have one from the factory, or will retain the valvetronic function, allowing you to really step up the noise while still being able to keep things quiet when necessary.

If you’re thinking about installing a valvetronic exhaust, or upgrading an existing OEM system, give us a call. With plenty of experience sourcing and installing OEM and aftermarket exhaust systems, we will make sure we find a solution for your vehicle that both you and your neighbours can appreciate.

Written by Tyler Schick.